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With a longer coastline than all other U.S. states combined, Alaska boasts some of the wildest, most remote destinations in North America. With nearly 500 miles separating this frontier-type state from the other continental states, Alaska’s remoteness sets it apart culturally as well as geographically. Ranking as the largest state, driving through Alaska can challenge the driver as well as the vehicle. has put together some great facts to help protect drivers looking to find the cheapest auto policy rates.

Average Car Insurance Costs in Alaska

  • AK State Minimum Liability: You can expect to pay $73 a month or $881 a year.
  • AK Full Coverage Policy: You can expect to pay $269 a month or $3,231 a year.

CheapCarInsurance pulls cost date from recent real time auto policy quotes across the state. Data is based on a driver profile of a single person with a clean driving record that is middle aged and drives a modern vehicle.

Alaska Car Insurance

Alaska’s auto insurance cost have remained above the national average for the past 20 years, and it shows no signs of declining. On the other hand, indicates the state’s premiums as a percentage of income has been below the national average during that same time.

Cheapest Alaska Car Insurance Companies

See our comparison data of cheap auto insurance providers and policy rates for state minimum liability and full coverage here:

Insurance Company:Minimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
State Farm$802$67$2,969$247
Average Cost:$881$73$3,231$269

Average Cost for AK Auto Insurance by City

Compare the average cost for auto insurance for minimum liability and full coverage policies for your AK city below:

AK City:Minimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
Anaktuvuk Pass$833$69$3,233$269
Anchor Point$870$72$3,134$261

AK Auto Insurance Costs by County & Vehicle Type:

Alaska County:Sedan:SUV:Coupe:Truck:Hybrid:
Aleutians East$785$692$770$794$842
Aleutians West$785$692$770$794$842
Bristol Bay$785$692$770$794$842
Fairbanks North Star$810$718$794$827$866

How Much Does My Car Insurance Increase for Driving Violations in AK?

Driving Violation:Minimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
Clean Record$741$62$2,685$224
1 Speeding Violation$844$70$3,104$259
1 At-Fault Accident$962$80$3,501$292
1 DUI Violation$979$82$3,634$303

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Alaska

New Driver License Requirements

Due to the high volume of rural areas and residents in Alaska, drivers license requirements vary depending on the area in which the vehicle will be operated. For a list of areas that fall under the Class D Off-Highway Drivers License, visit the DMV’s list of Exempt from Registration areas.
Regardless of residence, a driver must be 16 years of age or older and have a valid drivers license to operate a vehicle in the state of Alaska. Applicants under 18 must apply for a provisional license and hold that license for 6 months before becoming eligible for a regular license. A parent, legal guardian or employer must provide proof of 40 hours of supervised driving, 10 of which must be in challenging driving conditions. Parental consent is needed to obtain a provisional license for an applicant under the age of 18.
The following lists the requirements to obtain an Alaskan license for residents in urban areas. Additional information can be found in the Alaska Drivers Manual.

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