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The Grand Canyon, the Mogollon Rim, the Petrified Forest, Tombstone, the OK Corral and the Saguaro Cactus — Arizona is home to an array of wonders that are uniquely southwestern. It’s no accident that “snow birds” (tourists who “fly” south for Arizona’s mild winters) make Arizona a popular destination year-round. Whether they drive through, spend a season or call Arizona home, drivers and car owners from all walks of life spend time in the “Grand Canyon State” — and every driver needs to carry car insurance in AZ. That’s why has made the effort to find all the necessary auto insurance in AZ information and arrange it in the following, easy-to-read list to help keep Arizona drivers and car owners safe, secure and informed with the cheapest auto insurance rates possible. wants to make sure drivers and car owners can save money on their insurance rates by getting cheap car insurance in AZ, which is why you can get several comparison quotes for cheap auto insurance in AZ by filling out a simple form, starting with you zip code in the box above. Compare the car insurance quotes for Arizona to find the cheapest coverage and lowest rates.

Many factors determine the cheapest rates available to vehicle owners for auto insurance, including age, accident history, and the year and type of vehicle being driven. To qualify for cheap insurance in AZ, it’s important to maintain a good driving record. Be sure to compare many different insurance quotes in AZ to find the cheapest coverage and lowest rates available to you.

Average Cost for Car Insurance in Arizona

  • AZ State Minimum Liability: You can expect to pay $79 a month or $949 a year.
  • AZ Full Coverage: You can expect to pay $260 a month or $3,124 a year.

CheapCarInsurance pulls cost date from recent real time auto policy quotes across the state. Data is based on a driver profile of a single person with a clean driving record that is middle aged and drives a modern vehicle. 


Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in AZ

See our comparison data of cheap auto insurance providers and policy rates for state minimum liability and full coverage here:

Insurance ProvidersMinimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
State Farm:$1,207$101$4,152$346
Average Cost:$949$79$3,124$260

Average Auto Insurance Costs by Age

AgeMinimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:

Average Auto Insurance Costs by AZ City

The average costs you pay for your auto insurance premium will be determined by quite a few factors, one of them being your exact location and city in Arizona. Here are the average costs for state minimum and full coverage for each city within Arizona.

Arizona City:Minimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
Ak-Chin Village$1,030$86$3,271$273
Apache Junction$1,034$86$3,205$267
Arizona City$931$78$3,136$261
Arizona Village$776$65$2,621$218
Avenue B and C$877$73$2,892$241
Avra Valley$942$79$3,133$261

Average Costs for Auto Insurance by Vehicle Type

The type of car you drive in Arizona plays a role in your auto insurance premiums as seen in the cost data below:

Vehicle TypeMinimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
Car (4door):$975$81$2,731$228
Hybrid Electric:$927$77$2,923$244
Luxury Coupe$903$75$3,946$329

Laws & Regulations

Arizona’s famous monsoons can bring torrential downpours at rates that cause instant flash floods in the middle of the desert. Changes to auto insurance rates, laws and coverage regulations seem to happen just as fast. Because of these never-ending changes, here is a list of the most current key points to keep drivers in the loop and to help them make the best call for getting the cheapest insurance rates.

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Arizona

New Driver Licensing Requirements

Arizona requires all drivers to be licensed to drive a vehicle in the state, and the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) typically issues an “extended” license. The extended license is valid until the driver reaches the age of 65; however, the vision screening and the photo must be renewed every 12 years. Drivers age 60 and older must renew their license every 5 years, and no regular driver license may be issued to a driver under the age of 18.
The Arizona requirements to obtain a drivers license are listed below, and, for further information, the Arizona Drivers Manual can be accessed here.

DUI/DWI Laws for Arizona

Here are the average costs for car insurance in Arizona if you have driving violations or a DUI on your record:

Driving ViolationMinimum Liability:Monthly:Full Coverage:Monthly:
Clean Driving Record:$734$61$2,603$217
1 Speeding Violation$917$76$3,244$270
1 At-Fault Accident:$1,053$88$3,553$296
1 DUI Violation:$1,080$90$3,589$299
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