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Average Cost for Car Insurance in California

Dominating the west coast of the United States, California holds the beaches, national forests and Hollywood stardom that continue to make it one of the most visited states in the U.S. Driving the length of California can take a full 17 hours, and the famous Route 1’s beaches and ocean-front cliffs make the hours fly by. Because California is home to several of the nation’s most populated cities, driving in urban California can be stressful and hazardous, and it’s important to carry auto insurance coverage. This list of useful information for drivers has been compiled by to help drivers find cheap car insurance in California and enjoy their driving experience in the 49ers state — a name that draws credit from the famous Gold Rush of 1849 that brought thousands of people to the territory, all of them hoping to strike it rich but very few succeeding.

These are different ranges of costs you can expect to pay in CA for an auto insurance premium based on your location and the type of vehicle you are looking to insure.

Costs by County:Sedan:SUV:Coupe:Truck:Hybrid:
Contra Costa$990$862$1,050$960$924
Del Norte$978$854$1,054$940$916
El Dorado$1,018$884$1,086$968$952

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in California

New Driver’s License Requirements

All drivers, and all residents who have lived in California for more than 10 days, are required to have a valid drivers license. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) outlines three tests that must be passed to obtain a regular California drivers license.

DUI – DWI Laws

Driving Resources

State Department of Insurance

California Department of Insurance
300 S. Spring St., South Tower
Los Angeles, CA 90013
800-927-HELP (4357)
or 213-897-8921
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Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation
1120 N St.
Sacramento, CA 94273
(916) 654-5266
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Department of Motor Vehicles

California Department of Motor Vehicles
2415 1st Ave., Mail Station C254
Sacramento, CA 95818-2606
(501) 682-4692
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