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Average Car Insurance Costs in Delaware by City:

Delaware, the nation’s “First State,” led the way in ratifying the United States’ Constitution in 1787. Only 9 miles wide in some areas, Delaware ranks as the second smallest state in the nation. With farming land in the south and industrial areas in the north, Delaware has variety and appeal for tourists and residents alike. Although it only takes about 2 hours to drive the length of the state, every driver should be certain they are safe, protected and insured. That’s why has compiled this page of necessary facts for the Delaware driver.

Here is a breakdown of the average costs for state minimum coverage in Delaware by vehicle type and current county you live in:

Costs by County:Sedan:SUV:Coupe:Truck:Hybrid:
New Castle$1,097$843$1,140$1,030$1,028

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Delaware

New Driver License Requirements

DUI & DWI Laws


State Department of Insurance

Delaware Department of Insurance
841 Silver Lake Blvd.
Dover, DE 19904
(302) 674-7300
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Department of Transportation

Delaware Department of Transportation
800 Bay Road
Dover, DE 19901
(800) 652-5600 or (302) 760-2080
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Department of Motor Vehicles

Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles
(334) 242-1170

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