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With over 20 million licensed drivers in Florida, a reliable auto insurance policy is a must. Florida car insurance is among some of the most expensive in the country because of the number of cars on the road and the likelihood of getting into an accident with an uninsured driver. The best way to get the cheapest car insurance in Florida is by shopping around. Rates can vary drastically from one company to the next. That’s where Cheap Car Insurance comes into play.

We’ve taken the time to gather all the information you need to find the perfect policy for your needs. Compare hundreds of quotes from car insurance companies in Florida instantly with the help of our insurance experts.
This guide will break down example insurance quotes from different cities, so you can quickly compare rates. We also provide information about Florida driving laws and minimum coverage requirements.

Average Car Insurance Costs in Florida

Only one year in the last 30 has seen Florida’s average auto insurance premiums drop to match the national average. indicates an upward trend in average rates that have been well above national figures for several years now.

Here is a breakdown of average costs by FL county and vehicle type on auto insurance policies:

Florida County:Sedan:SUV:Coupe:Truck:Hybrid:

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Florida

New Driver License Requirements

DUI – DWI Laws

Car Insurance Discounts

Cheap Car Insurance understands you work hard for your money. Why spend more on your auto insurance coverage? As you sift through car insurance quotes in Florida and consider which of the cheap insurance companies to go with, keep in mind these car insurance discounts that can help your hard-earned money stay in your pocket:

Insurance discounts may vary by state, so contact us today to see if you qualify for any of these car insurance discounts!


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