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Cheapest Car Insurance in Nebraska

The never-ending, treeless Great Plains of Nebraska make it the perfect image of Midwestern U.S.A.. Largely settled by the Homestead Act in the 1800’s, the state’s history is rich with the American Spirit. Float down the flat Platte River, take in the national parks on horseback, experience history with heritage celebrations year-round or get up close and personal with a buffalo in Lincoln. Nebraska has a lot to offer, and is making the drive through the state much safer. The following list of car insurance information will help prepare Nebraska drivers for the road ahead.


Nebraskans enjoy mountains as well as plains, with changes in elevation that can be staggering. The state’s car insurance information changes as well, and the following few points will help organize the state’s information and keep Nebraskans in the fast lane.

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in Nebraska

  • The Nebraska Department Insurance makes it mandatory that every driver in the state be protected by Liability Insurance.
  • Liability Coverage minimums:
    • $25,000 per individual to cover bodily injury or death.
    • $50,000 per accident involving bodily injuries or deaths.
    • $25,000 for property damage.

The state’s Auto Liability Insurance brochure provides drivers with a succinct outline of Nebraska’s insurance requirements.

New Driver Licensing Requirements:

  • Residents new to Nebraska have 30 days to obtain a state driver license. Nebraska requires new drivers under the age of 18 to participate in the Graduated Driver License (GDL) program. The GDL is made up of 2 steps before the applicant may obtain a regular diver license: The Learner’s Permit and The Provisional Operator’s Permit. A School Learner’s Permit and a School Permit, not necessarily part of the GDL requirements, are permits that allow students to drive to and from school and at certain times while supervised. These permits are recommended to better prepare drivers; however, they are not required.
  • Learner’s Permit: This permit is valid for 1 year and may be obtained by applicants 15 years of age. While holding this permit, the following applies:
    • Applicants may only drive with a licensed driver age 21 or older.
    • Applicants must pass the vision and written tests.
  • Provisional Operator’s Permit: This permit is available to applicants age 16 or older who have held a Learner’s Permit for at least 6 months. The applicant must complete a state-approved driver safety course or 50 hours of driving with a licensed driver age 21 or older. 10 of these hours must be at night. While holding this license, the following restrictions apply:
    • The applicant must pass the driving test.
    • During the first 6 months, unless supervised, the applicant may carry no more than one unrelated passenger who is under the age of 19.
    • The applicant and all occupants must wear seat belts.
    • The permit expires on the applicant’s 18th birthday.
  • Vision Exam. Each applicant must pass the vision exam for any license or permit in Nebraska. The requirement is a visual acuity of at least 20/40 or 20/40 in one eye and at least 20/60 in the other. A peripheral vision of 140 degrees is required, and restrictions are available for applicants with corrective lenses and/or less than the standard acuity and peripheral.
  • Written Test. The written test evaluates the applicant’s understanding of traffic rules, regulations, signs and markings. The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles has provided an online practice exam for all applicants to study.
  • Road Skills Test. According to the Nebraska Driver’s Manual, the vehicle used in the road test must:
    • be mechanically sound
    • have working seat belts
    • have a working speedometer
    • have a clean interior
  • The driving portion of the test includes the administrator’s evaluation of the applicant’s ability to:
    • Start and stop
    • Turn right and left
    • Use and maintain lanes
    • Understand and obey traffic signs and signals
    • Control speed
    • Use right-of-way
    • Identify and respond to hazards
    • Park and back the vehicle
    • Perform emergency road-side stop
  • A failed test must be taken no sooner than the next day.
  • Fees. New Nebraska drivers are required to pay the following license fees:
    • Learner’s Permit, $10.50
    • Provisional Operator’s Permit, $17.50
    • Regular Driver’s License
      • Valid for 1 year but less than 2, $7.50
      • Valid for 2 years but less than 3, $12.50
      • Valid for 3 years but less than 4, $21.50
      • Valid for 5 years, $26.50


  • BAC limit: .08 The state of Nebraska inflicts the following penalties for DUI convictions:
  • First Offense:
    • Fine: $500
    • Jail: 7 to 60 days
    • License revocation: 6 months
    • Ignition Interlock Device (IID): required
  • Second Offense:
    • Fine: $500
    • Jail: 30 to 90 days.
    • License revocation: 1 year
    • IID: beginning after 45 days
  • Third Offense:
    • Fine: $1,000
    • Jail: 90 days to 1 year
    • License suspension: 15 years
    • IID: possibly required after 45 days
  • Fourth and subsequent DUI’s are charged as felonies and the penalties are much more severe.
  • DUI conviction penalties increase when the offense includes aggravated factors and/or higher BAC levels.

Texting & Driving Laws

Nebraska has banned texting for all drivers and hands-free and handheld cell phone devices for novice drivers, according to

Unique Laws

Nebraska’s laws are obviously designed with a lot of thought and care; except for these few. It is illegal to belch or sneeze during a church service. Bar owners may only sell beer if they are brewing soup as well. And, in the Midwestern state of Nebraska, it is against the law to go whale fishing!


Best Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Nebraska

Douglas County Car Insurance

Home to more than a quarter of the population in Nebraska, Douglas County lies at the state's eastern border, with Council Bluffs, Iowa, just across the Missouri River. Omaha, its largest city and county seat, is on the Missouri, home to five Fortune 500 companies.

Among Douglas County's most noted points of interest is the Henry Doorly Zoo, the No. 1 paid attendance attraction in the state. It is home to the world's largest nocturnal exhibit and indoor swamp, largest indoor desert and largest indoor rainforest. Inventions originating in Omaha include the Reuben sandwich, cake mix, Raisin Bran cereal and the TV dinner.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Lancaster County Car Insurance

About an hour southwest of Omaha on Interstate 80, Lancaster County had 285,407 residents at the 2010 Census, making it the second most populous county in Nebraska. Lincoln, the state capital and county seat, is the home of the University of Nebraska and its beloved Cornhuskers football team.

The place where Charles Lindbergh first learned to fly at the Nebraska Aircraft Corp. flying school in 1922, Lincoln claims to be the birthplace of the 911 system, though this has been disputed. Some of its more unique points of interest include the Woods Telephone Pioneer Museum, the Larsen Tractor Museum, National Museum of Roller Skating and Museum of American Speed.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Sarpy County Car Insurance

Just south of Omaha, Sarpy County was once explored by Lewis and Clark and settled by fur traders and farmers. It is now home to an estimated 160,000, many of whom are commuters. The Platte River forms its western and southern borders, with the Missouri River separating it from Iowa to the east.

The county seat is the small city of Papillion, a French term for "butterfly." The county's largest city is Bellevue, home to more than 50,000 and only 8 miles south of Omaha. First settled in the 1830s, Bellevue is the state's second oldest settlement and is recognized as its oldest continuous town, having incorporated in 1855.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Hall County Car Insurance

On either side of Interstate 80 in south central Nebraska, Hall County is the state's fourth most populous, home to 58,607 at the 2010 Census. The county seat, Grand Island, is the home of the Nebraska State Fair as well as the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, responsible for training officers throughout the state.

The Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer located near Grand Island was designed by noted architect Edward Durrell Stone. In addition to the main building, it features a living history village known as Railroad Town with 1890s era structures, including the house where actor Henry Fonda was born in 1905. Several movies were filmed there, including "Sarah Plain and Tall" and "My Antonia."

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Buffalo County Car Insurance

Named for the buffalo herds that were once prevalent there, Buffalo County in southern central Nebraska extends from the Platte River near its southern border across Interstate 80 running east to west. Kearney, the county seat and largest city, is home to an estimated 31,000 and the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

An episode of the TV series, "Dexter," was set in Kearney, likely because the show's co-executive producer Tim Schlattmann was a 1981 Kearney High graduate. Located exactly between the U.S. Cities of Boston and San Francisco, Kearney's notable attractions are the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, which spans Interstate 80 and contains exhibits dating back to the Oregon Trail. Actor Jack Nicholson was filmed at the Archway during shooting of the movie, "About Schmidt."

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Scotts Bluff County Car Insurance

Located in western Nebraska along the Wyoming border, Scotts Bluff County is named for a prominent landmark for pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail. The bluff itself was named for trapper Hiram Scott, who reportedly died there around 1828. The county seat is Gering, a small town located across the Platte River from the bluff.

Separated only by the river, Gering has grown together with the larger city of Scottsbluff, the largest city in the Nebraska Panhandle. A popular stop for visitors is Scotts Bluff National Monument, where the rock formation rises more than 800 feet above the surrounding plains at its highest point. Wagon trains once used it as a major point for navigation. Once settled, the bluffs were a popular gathering spot due to the scenic views.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid
Scotts Bluff$937.00$765.00$839.00$838.00$1,028.00

Dodge County Car Insurance

A collection of bedroom communities about a half hour northwest of Omaha, Dodge County extends north from the Platte River. Fremont is its county seat and largest city, home of Midland University.

Due to its strategic location, a railroad in 1886, transcontinental telegraph line in 1861 and highway in 1913 all passed through the county. The producer of Spam canned meat products, Fremont each summer hosts a week-long John C. Fremont Days, a history celebration with a rodeo, car show, parade and Chautauqua. Points of interest include the Saunders County Historical Museum, Fremont Golf Club, Boys Town Hall of History and Two Rivers State Recreation Area.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Lincoln County Car Insurance

Located in southwest Nebraska on Interstate 80, Lincoln County is roughly halfway between Denver, Colo. and Omaha, Neb. Not to be confused with the City of Lincoln in Lancaster County, Lincoln County is the origin of the world's largest Woolly Mammoth fossil. The county seat is North Platte, a railroad town once known for its Canteen, a railroad stop manned by courteous volunteers who welcomed service men passing through at Christmas during World War II.

North Platte is the site of Bailey Yard, the world's largest railroad classification yard. The Golden Spike Tower and Visitor Center overlooks the yard, open to the public year-round.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Madison County Car Insurance

The Nebraska County of Madison is home to about 35,000 residents. Its county seat is the small town of Madison, where the largest employer is the Tyson pork processing plant. Norfolk, the largest city, is pronounced "Norfork" by many locals, and serves as the main retail center in northeast Nebraska.

Norfolk is the birthplace of the model rocket, invented by Orville Carlisle in the basement of his shoe store. TV host Johnny Carson moved there at age 8, later graduating from Norfolk High. The Norfolk Post Card Co., created in 1908 by Joyce Hall, later moved to Kansas City, Missouri, and became Hallmark Cards.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Platte County Car Insurance

Named for the river that forms its southern boundary, Platte County lies in eastern central Nebraska. The county seat is Columbus, a small community located at the Loup River, which winds through the southern section of the county. Nearby, Columbus is home to Glur's Tavern, the oldest tavern west of the Mississippi still in operation, having been built in 1876.

Still visible and untouched in areas such as the village of Duncan is the old Lincoln Highway, one of the earliest transcontinental highways built for automobiles in the U.S. It was formally dedicated in 1913. A 2.4-mile section is located in Duncan.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid
Box Butte$956.00$773.00$842.00$838.00$1,041.00
Keya Paha$918.00$701.00$936.00$736.00$903.00
Red Willow$1,074.00$826.00$936.00$859.00$1,064.00
Scotts Bluff$937.00$765.00$839.00$838.00$1,028.00
York$854.00$697.00$766.00$736.00$903.00 Methodology

Car insurance quotes are for one car and one driver who has state minimum coverage with $500 comprehensive and collision deductibles. The hypothetical driver is 40 years old, female, married, employed, a college graduate, and has good credit. She has no moving violations, accidents, claims, or lapse in coverage. The vehicles are assumed to be garaged on premises, used primarily for commuting, and driven 16,000 miles per year. Car insurance quotes include commonly available discounts and are estimates and not guaranteed.

Average Car Insurance Premiums

Nebraska, while far below the national average in auto premiums as a percentage of income, shared a record low with the nation in 2008. According to, the state’s cheap auto insurance premiums have been below the nation’s for several decades.

Drunk Driving Fatalities

After beginning 2010 well below the national average in drunk driving fatalities, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s revealed that 2011 and 2012 saw a large increase. In 2014, the number of fatalities was once again below the national average.

Teen Drinking and Driving

The Center for Disease Control reports that Nebraska’s teens drink and drive slightly more than the national average.

Vehicular Theft in Nebraska

Nebraska’s vehicle thefts are far above the national average, which experienced a large decline in 2014.

Cheap Car Insurance understands you work hard for your money so, why spend more on your affordable auto insurance. Here is a list of some of the car insurance discounts that will help keep your hard-earned money in your pockets:

  • Multi-car insurance discount
  • Good student discount
  • Military discount
  • Car safety features discount
  • Anti-theft discount
  • Bundling your auto with home or renters
  • Defensive driving discount
  • Usage or low-mileage discount
  • Senior citizen discount
  • Mature driver discount

Insurance discounts may vary by state so, contact us today to see if you qualify for any of these car insurance discounts!

Driver RatingBest Rate Option
Good driversFarmers Mutual
Young driversAllstate
Drivers with an at-fault crashState Farm
Drivers with poor creditFarmers Mutual
Retired driversFarmers Mutual


State Department of Insurance

Nebraska Department of Insurance
941 O St.
Lincoln, NE 68501-2089
(402) 471-2201
Get Directions

Department of Transportation

Nebraska Department of Roads
1500 Highway 2
Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 471-4567
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Department of Motor Vehicles

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicle
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68509-4726
(402) 471-2281
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