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Best Cheap Car Insurance in New Jersey

“The Garden State” of New Jersey is the most densely populated state in America. But that doesn’t keep “New Jerseyans” from welcoming tourists and business travelers into their borders all through the year. Tourists drive to this New England state to see beautiful Cape May, historic Trenton and refreshing Surf City. New Jersey has American history on every corner, and visitors and residents alike can see Revolutionary War and Civil War re-enactments, visit the boardwalk or take one of the many tours through the places America’s historical figures have lived, worked and died. Driving up the Atlantic Coast must involve a good drive through this All-American state. wants to keep New Jersey visitors and residents safe on that drive, so this list of helpful New Jersey car insurance information should make the drive a little safer. Cheap car insurance in NJ can be hard to find, but will find you cheap car insurance quotes in NJ and the best car insurance in NJ with no work on your part.


Don’t take a side trip to hunt for car insurance laws and regulations for America’s richest state. Stay on the road and look through this easy-to-read list of facts, necessary for every New Jersey driver.For New Jersey residents, it is even more important to find cheap car insurance in NJ, and we will find you the best policy and auto insurance in NJ to save you money on your insurance rates. Contact us for a quote to find the best car insurance in NJ.

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in New Jersey

  • The New Jersey Department of Insurance requires all drivers in the state to have a New Jersey car insurance policy and be covered by Liability Insurance, Personal Injury Protection and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage.
  • Liability Coverage minimums:
    • $15,000 per individual to cover bodily injury or death.
    • $30,000 per accident involving bodily injuries or deaths.
    • $5,000 for property damage.
  • Personal Injury Protection minimums:
    • $15,000 per individual to cover personal bodily injuries
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist minimums:
    • $15,000 per individual to cover bodily injury or death.
    • $30,000 per accident involving bodily injuries or deaths.
    • $5,000 for property damage.

At, we can help you find the best policy for auto insurance in NJ and provide you with an insurance quote that meets your needs. There is no need to begin your search by working with an insurance agent; just call us today to find the best rates.

New Driver Licensing Requirements:

  • According to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) every driver who operates a vehicle in the state must carry a New Jersey driver license. The state holds to an extensive Graduated Driver License (GDL) program that includes three separate options based on age. A full explanation of these options can be found on the MVC website.
  • Student Learner’s Permit. Beginning at age 16, applicants may obtain this permit by passing the vision and knowledge tests, paying the fee and enrolling in a driver education course. While holding this permit, the following applies:
    • The applicant must hold the permit for 6 months.
    • The applicant may not drive between 11pm and 5am.
    • The applicant must be accompanied by a New Jersey licensed driver age 21 or older who has at least 3 years of driving experience.
    • Only one passenger is allowed unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
    • No cell phone use is permitted
    • Certain restricted hours are exempted for specific activities listed on the MVC’s website.
  • Probationary License. At age 17, applicants are eligible for a Probationary license. The applicant must fulfill the requirements for the Student Learner’s Permit and pass the road skills test. While holding this license, the following applies:
    • The applicant may not drive between 11pm and 5am.
    • Only one passenger is allowed unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
    • No cell phone use is permitted
  • Basic Driver License. To obtain a full driver license, applicants must meet the following requirements:
    • Must be at least 18 years of age
    • Complete the unsupervised driving period (Probationary License phase)
    • Visit a local MVC office to have the license changed to a Basic Driver License.
  • Vision Exam. To obtain an unrestricted Basic License, the applicant must pass the vision test with a visual acuity of at least 20/50 in at least one eye. Corrective lenses may be worn, and failure of the test results in the applicant’s responding to an eye care physician for an evaluation.
  • Knowledge Test. The knowledge test is fully based on the New Jersey Driver’s Manual and consists of 50 questions. Applicants must achieve an 80 percent to pass, and multiple language options are available.
  • Road Skills Test. A 10 to 15 minute road test is an evaluation of the applicant’s ability to safely maneuver a vehicle. The vehicle, provided by the applicant, must be licensed, registered and insured, and it must be in proper working order. More information for the road test can found on the MVC’s website and in the driver’s manual. A few of the skills tested are:
    • Backing
    • Stopping at appropriate signs
    • Approaching intersections and/or corners
    • Stopping smoothly
    • Correct posture
    • Turning around
    • Parallel parking
    • Steering
    • Yield right-of-way
  • Failure of the road skills test requires a 2-week waiting period for a re-test. If the applicant fails the test more than twice, the MVC may require a 6-month waiting period to allow additional driving practice.
  • Fees. New Jersey drivers are required to pay the following license fees:
    • Student Learner’s Permit, $10.
    • Examination Permit (for drivers beginning the process at age 17), $10
    • Basic Driver License, $24

Insurance. Newly licensed drivers are required to have an insurance policy. Finding insurance can be overwhelming, but a quote from for auto insurance in NJ will save you credit and financial stress.


  • BAC limit: .08 New Jersey’s MVC website explains the penalties for a DUI conviction in the state. The Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) exacts fees from offenders for each offense, and listed below are the major penalties involved in New Jersey DUI convictions:
  • First Offense:
    • Fine: $250 to $400
      • BAC .10 or greater: $300 to $500
    • Jail: maximum 30 days
    • License suspension: 3 months
      • BAC .10 or greater: 7 months to 1 year
    • IDRC: 12 to 48 hours and $100 fee
      • BAC .10 or greater: 12 to 48 hours and $230 fee
    • Drunk driving fund: $100
    • Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund (AERF) fee: $100
    • Surcharge: $1,000 per year for 3 years
    • Neighborhood services fund (NSF) fee: $75
  • Second Offense within 10 Years:
    • Fine: $500 to $1,000
    • Jail: 48 hours to 90 days
    • License suspension: 2 years
    • IDRC: 12 to 48 hours and $280 fee
    • Drunk driving fund: $100
    • Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund (AERF) fee: $100
    • Surcharge: $1,000 per year for 3 years
    • Neighborhood services fund (NSF) fee: $75
    • Ignition Interlock Device (IID) during suspension and 1-3 years following reinstatement.
  • Third Offense within 10 Years:
    • Fine: $1,000
    • Jail: 180 days
    • License suspension: 10 years
    • IDRC: 12 to 48 hours and $280 fee
    • Drunk driving fund: $100
    • Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Fund (AERF) fee: $100
    • Surcharge: $1,500 per year for 3 years
    • Neighborhood services fund (NSF) fee: $75
    • Ignition Interlock Device (IID) during suspension and 1-3 years following reinstatement.

Texting & Driving Laws

According to, New Jersey has banned texting and all handheld cell phone use for all drivers. Additionally, bus drivers and novice drivers are banned from hands-free cell phone devices.

Unique Laws

New Jersey wants its citizens to always be on their best behavior. A few of their laws are great examples of this, such as the prohibition of using profanity within the town limits of Raritan. It is also illegal (and apparently impolite) to walk cows down Berkley Heights’ Main Street, and one may not eat pickles on Sunday!


Best Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for New Jersey

Bergen County Car Insurance

The most populous county in New Jersey, Bergen County lies in the state's northeast corner, home to nearly 1 million residents. Its lies within the New York City metro area, across the George Washington Bridge over the Hudson from Manhattan. There are 70 incorporated communities, but no large cities. Its most populous city, Hackensack, is the county seat.

Bergen County is under one of the last remaining blue laws in the U.S., with most businesses closed on Sundays. MetLife Stadium, one of the most expensive ever built and home of the New York Giants, is located in East Rutherford. The USS Ling is moored in the Hackensack River, and open to visitors as a museum.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Middlesex County Car Insurance

Considered part of the New York City metro area, the mostly suburban Middlesex County is located in north central New Jersey, originally settled due to its proximity to the Raritan River in 1683. Its county seat is New Brunswick, home of several pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

The largest city in Middlesex County is Edison, so named in honor of inventor Thomas Edison, whose main laboratory was in the Menlo Park area of the township. It is now a museum, and visitors can see where the light bulb was invented, (or perfected, depending on how you look at it). A nearby park features a memorial to Edison topped with what has been called the World's Largest Light Bulb, which is 14 feet in height.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Essex County Car Insurance

A densely populated county in northeastern New Jersey, Essex ranges from urbanized to affluent suburbs. Many of its residents commute to New York, but the county has its own healthy employment base. Essex was the first county to establish a parks system to avoid losing all its lands to development.

The county seat and most populous city in the New Jersey is Newark, headquarters for companies such as Prudential, Panasonic Corp. of North America, and Manischewitz. Its Branch Brook Park is the oldest county park in the U.S., and home to more than 5,000 cherry blossom trees, the nation's largest collection. Other attractions in Essex County include the Thomas Edison National Historical Park, Grover Cleveland Birthplace, Turtle Back Zoo and Montclair Museum.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Hudson County Car Insurance

Located on the Hudson waterfront, the once industrial, blue collar county of Hudson is now an upscale redeveloped area that is the most densely populated county in New Jersey. Jersey City is its largest community and county seat.

Hoboken, a growing town of about 50,000, is described as the birthplace of baseball. A bronze plaque marks the site where the first official game took place in 1846. Hoboken is also the birthplace of famed singer Frank Sinatra. The county remains a major port of entry for immigrants, and Jersey City is described as one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Monmouth County Car Insurance

Monmouth is the northernmost county on the Jersey Shore, an area famous for its boardwalks, arcades and theme parks. Its seat is Freehold Borough, while its most populous city is Middletown Township.

One of its most tourism-oriented towns, Keansburg, has an amusement park, water park and boardwalk that sometimes offers views of the New York City skyline. Also among its coastal communities is Asbury Park, featured in the title of Bruce Springsteen's first album and a number of his songs. Asbury Park's unique attractions include the nostalgic Silverball Museum Arcade and Paranormal Museum. The Borough of Matawan is home to the creek that was the site of the infamous New Jersey shark attacks of 1916, which later served as the inspiration behind the book and film, "Jaws."

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Ocean County Car Insurance

Situated on the Jersey Shore, Ocean County is about 50 miles east of Philadelphia and 70 miles south of New York City, making it is a popular summer destination. Its beachfront communities include Seaside Heights, Long Beach Island and Point Pleasant Beach. Its county seat, Toms River Township, and Ocean County itself have been among the fastest growing in the state since the 1990s.

The world's tallest roller coaster, Kingda Ka, is among the rides at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Township. Described as Airship Capital of the World, the small borough of Lakehurst was a famed winter resort at the turn of the 20th Century, but is now known as the crash site of the German zeppelin Hindenburg in 1937. A memorial is located at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station. Lacey Park Township is home to the Popcorn Park Zoo, a sanctuary for abused and exotic animals.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Union County Car Insurance

The last of New Jersey's 21 counties to be established, Union County is home to many New York City commuters, and among the highest income counties in the U.S. Elizabeth, the county seat, is its largest in both population and area with an estimated 135,000 residents.

Parts of the City of Elizabeth are shown during the opening credits of HBO's "The Sopranos," and the focal point of Judy Blume's 2015 novel, "In the Unlikely Event. Blume is a native of Elizabeth. The site of Union County was part of the Elizabethtown tract purchased in 1664 by English colonists from Native Americans. Union County annually hosts a fall "Four Centuries in a Weekend" public festival celebrating its historic sites and buildings and museums. The Mills at Jersey Gardens is a massive and popular regional shopping center. Located within Berkeley Heights, a township of about 13,000, is the historic ghost town of Feltville. Buildings there date back to the 18th Century and include a church and carriage house.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Camden County Car Insurance

Camden County lies just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. Its largest city, also named Camden, is home to 77,344. Once a hub for industry and shipping, the city in recent years has been the topic of initiatives to combat poverty and crime.

New Jersey's namesake battleship is berthed in the Camden waterfront, having opened as a museum in 2001. The Adventure Aquarium, once known as the New Jersey Aquarium, draws visitors to Camden with a shark realm, penguin island and seal exhibit. The unincorporated community of West Berlin is home of Diggerland, a hands-on construction theme park for both adults and children.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Passaic County Car Insurance

An oddly shaped county in northern New Jersey, Passaic County lies at the southern New York border while its eastern portion juts into the densely populated coastal area. The county seat of Paterson is home to nearly 30 percent of the county's total population. Meanwhile, with a population of about 26,000, West Milford has the largest total area of any municipality at more than 80 square miles, more than 40 percent of the county's total area.

The film, "Lean on Me," is based on events that reportedly occurred at Paterson's Eastside High School. The city is the hometown of Lou Costello, and was often mentioned in his comedy routines with with William "Bud" Abbott. The Great Falls National Historical Park, Lambert Castle and Paterson Museum are popular stops among visitors. Based on an urban legend, Clifton's "Gates of Hell" are a series of storm drains connected with many tales of wrongdoing and evil happenings.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Morris County Car Insurance

About 25 miles west of New York City is Morris County. Its seat is Morristown, home to about 18,000. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township is the county's most populous community with about 54,000 residents.

Morristown National Historical Park commemorates the city's role as the "military capital of the American Revolution" during the war for independence. Jockey Hollow was used as a winter encampment by the Continental Army in 1779. The Ford Mansion served as George Washington's headquarters during that period, and is now a museum open to visitors. Reenactments of the Revolution and Civil War eras are held at Historic Speedwell, a small enclave with a number of structures and known as the site where Samuel F.B. Morse first demonstrated the telegraph to the public in 1838.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid
Cape May$845.00$662.00$863.00$790.00$797.00
Warren$851.00$654.00$848.00$817.00$803.00 Methodology

Car insurance quotes are for one car and one driver who has state minimum coverage with $500 comprehensive and collision deductibles. The hypothetical driver is 40 years old, female, married, employed, a college graduate, and has good credit. She has no moving violations, accidents, claims, or lapse in coverage. The vehicles are assumed to be garaged on premises, used primarily for commuting, and driven 16,000 miles per year. Car insurance quotes include commonly available discounts and are estimates and not guaranteed.

Average Car Insurance Premiums

New Jersey continues to stay above the nation’s average car insurance premiums. According to, while the state experienced a dip in premiums in 2005, costs since then have continued to rise. As a percentage of income, the state rate remains above the national average.

Drunk Driving Fatalities

New Jersey saw a steep climb in drunk driving fatalities in 2011, but it has since dropped below the national average and has remained there since 2012 when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration measured the national average at 31 percent and New Jersey’s at 28 percent.

Teen Drinking and Driving

The Center for Disease Control indicates New Jersey’s teens drink and drive slightly less than the national average.

Vehicular Theft in New Jersey

New Jersey’s vehicle thefts have dropped every year since 2011, and the state still remains far below the national average.

Cheap Car Insurance understands you work hard for your money so, why spend more on your affordable auto insurance. Here is a list of some of the car insurance discounts that will help keep your hard-earned money in your pockets:

  • Multi-car insurance discount
  • Good student discount
  • Military discount
  • Car safety features discount
  • Anti-theft discount
  • Bundling your auto with home or renters
  • Defensive driving discount
  • Usage or low-mileage discount
  • Senior citizen discount
  • Mature driver discount

Insurance discounts may vary by state so, contact us today to see if you qualify for any of these car insurance discounts!

Driver RatingBest Rate Option
Good driversTravelers
Young driversNJM Insurance
Drivers with an at-fault crashNJM Insurance
Drivers with poor creditNJM Insurance
Retired driversNJM Insurance


State Department of Insurance

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
20 W. State St.
Trenton, NJ 08625
(609) 292-7272
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Department of Transportation

New Jersey Department of Transportation
1035 Parkway Ave.
Trenton, NJ 08625
1-888-AUTO-TOLL (1-888-28-6865)
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Department of Motor Vehicles

State Of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
120 S. Stockton St.
Trenton, NJ 08611
(888) 486-3339 Toll-free in New Jersey
(609) 292-6500 out-of-state
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