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How to Compare Cheap Car Insurance Quotes
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How Much Does Auto Insurance Cost in New Jersey?

rivers in New Jersey can compare multiple cheap car insurance coverage options with free insurance quotes & rates from local providers. We will break down the average auto insurance policy costs in this guide based on different driver demographics in NJ.

  • NJ minimum liability on average costs $120 a month or $1,413 a year. Full coverage auto policies costs around $296 a month or $3,577 yearly.

CheapCarInsurance pulls cost data from recent real time auto policy quotes across the state. Data is based on a driver profile of a single person with a clean driving record that is middle aged and drives a modern vehicle. 

New Jersey skyline

“The Garden State” of New Jersey is the most densely populated state in America. But that doesn’t keep “New Jerseyans” from welcoming tourists and business travelers into their borders all through the year. Tourists drive to this New England state to see beautiful Cape May, historic Trenton and refreshing Surf City. New Jersey has American history on every corner, and visitors and residents alike can see Revolutionary War and Civil War re-enactments, visit the boardwalk or take one of the many tours through the places America’s historical figures have lived, worked and died. Driving up the Atlantic Coast must involve a good drive through this All-American state. wants to keep New Jersey visitors and residents safe on that drive, so this list of helpful New Jersey car insurance information should make the drive a little safer. Cheap car insurance in NJ can be hard to find, but will find you cheap car insurance quotes in NJ and the best car insurance in NJ with no work on your part.

Auto Policy Rates by NJ County & Vehicle Type

The average cost for car insurance according to our database is around $1,692 per year for full coverage. There are a few factors that will affect your overall costs and the quotes you compare. Here is a helpful table showing the average costs of car insurance by vehicle type and the city you live in New Jersey:

Cape May$845$662$863$790$797

Who Offers the Cheapest Car Insurance in New Jersey?

When shopping for car insurance in NJ, you often want to find the most affordable policy while also fulfilling all of your coverage needs for your vehicle. From our data it shows that in the last few years Geico and NJM insurance offer the most affordable coverage across the state. While it’s best to compare multiple quotes from different providers, it’s also helpful to know which insurance providers tend to have the cheapest auto insurance on average which can be found below:

Insurance Providers:State Minimum Coverage Annual:Average Monthly Premium:
NJM Insurance$693$58
All State$948$79
State Farm$1,234$103

Car Insurance Costs by Age

As most drivers know your age is a deciding factor in how much your car insurance will cost in New Jersey. Younger drivers will often pay a higher premium for auto coverage and as you age insurance providers will often determine you are less of a risk and provide lower priced premiums as seen below:

NJ Auto Insurance by Age:MaleFemale
Age: 16 – 20$1,720$1,613
Age: 21 – 25$901$871
Age: 25 – 40$663$708
Age: 40 – 50$644$689
Age: 50+$673$701

Which Vehicle Type Is Most Expensive to Insure in NJ?

Vehicle type can also determine the overall price of your auto insurance coverage, below is data pulled from multiple drivers in New Jersey based on the vehicle type they drove and the average costs of each:

Vehicle Type:2015 -2019 Model:2020 - 2023 Model:Average Monthly Payment:
Electric / Hybrids:$965$913$78
Car / Sedan:$1,048$924$82

Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance in New Jersey

At, we can help you find the best policy for auto insurance in NJ and provide you with an insurance quote that meets your needs. There is no need to begin your search by working with an insurance agent; just call us today to find the best rates.

New Driver Licensing Requirements:

Insurance. Newly licensed drivers are required to have an insurance policy. Finding insurance can be overwhelming, but a quote from for auto insurance in NJ will save you credit and financial stress.

DUI & DWI Laws in NJ

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