Everyone wants cheap car insurance. But with an increase of poor drivers on the road, insurance rates are higher than ever before, especially for teens. Statistics show that drivers under 25 are more likely to get into accidents than older and more experienced drivers. So teens typically have the highest rates. Because of the higher rates, finding cheap car insurance for teens can seem overwhelming.
Car insurance policy rates depend on several factors, including where you live, your age, type of vehicle, driving record, and type of coverage. The most efficient way to find the best insurance for young drivers is to compare many different companies and policies. At Cheap Car Insurance, we provide free quotes that will compare companies to find the cheapest car insurance for teens, with no work on your part. Since the higher insurance rates still apply to most people under 30, we can help you find the best car insurance for young adults too.
In addition to using Cheap Car Insurance to find the best policy options, there are some other ways to keep your car insurance for teens lower and affordable. Here are steps you can take to find the best insurance for young drivers.
Discounts and savings
1. Keep good grades. Those younger drivers with good grades are typically more responsible drivers. Some insurance companies even provide good grades discounts and programs. It pays to be a good student.
2. Make sure you are driving a car that has safety features and anti-theft devices. These may include steering locks, airbags and alarms. These safety features will help keep your teens safe and keep your rates lower. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for having these safety features installed.
3. Drive a car that is inexpensive. A sports car will have very high insurance rates, but an inexpensive car will give you more options for coverage rates.
4. Take defensive driving classes. Some companies will give you discounts just for taking the classes and driving programs. Also, because the classes will help you become a better driver, you will continue to get lower rates in the long run for safe driving
5. Build up a no-claims bonus. Discounts will be given the longer you drive without filing a claim. On average, these discounts require 3 years of no claims.
6. Make sure to ask for discounts for low mileage to work or school, good grades and prior coverage within the last 30 days.
Advice and tips
1. Keep the mileage lower on your car. The higher the mileage is, the higher the rates will be. Even if it’s a family car that everyone drives, keeping the mileage lower will benefit your insurance rates and your teen’s.
2. Compare rates and quotes from at least five different companies. There are some insurers who specialize in young drivers insurance and could save you thousands of dollars. At Cheap Car Insurance, we can help you find these companies, do the rate comparison for you, and discover the best car insurance for young adults and teens.
3. Consider a higher deductible. A higher deductible will decrease monthly payments, but remember that it could increase out-of-pocket expenses should you need to file a claim.
4. Do not add any unnecessary coverage if the vehicle’s value is not significant. While it may be nice to have collision coverage, if the car isn’t worth much, it will save you money to have the lowest coverage possible. Basic coverage should be enough for a teen driver.
5. Do not modify your car unless it is necessary. Any changes that increase the value of the car will increase your insurance premium.
6. Keep a clean driving record. Avoiding accidents and tickets is the best way to keep your insurance rates low.
7. Drive safely and carefully. Teach your teens to be aware of their surroundings and proactive in avoiding accidents. Not only will this help insurance rates, it will keep everyone on the road safe.
8. If possible, adding a teen to a parent’s insurance policy is usually the most affordable insurance option. Adding a teen to your insurance policy will raise your annual rates, but it will be much cheaper overall compared to getting a teen their own policy. A teen on your insurance policy may add an average of $2,000 annually, but a teen alone would cost upwards of $7,000 a year. Also, many insurance companies will offer discounts to your teens to stay on a family plan when they get their own insurance policies down the road.
9. For young adults away at college, talk to your insurer about reducing your rates. Most companies will reduce the cost if your young adult is away at college and has limited access to a car.
Following these steps will help you qualify for as many discounts as possible. Then at Cheap Car Insurance, we will find you the best policy options to keep your rates low and affordable. So you don’t have to break the bank to keep your family safe and covered. We compare all the average coverage options to find you the cheapest car insurance for teens.

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