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Cheap Classic Car Insurance

You have finally achieved your dreams of owning a classic, collectible vehicle. Keep your classic car safe by providing it with the extra protection and attention it needs. You can’t use just any provider, and you can’t get just any plan.

Almost all cheap insurance companies will claim to insure collectible cars. What they offer is basic comprehensive, collision and liability insurance. Your precious classic car needs more than that.

There are companies that specialize in cheap classic car insurance. These providers offer programs for classic cars that are only driven 1,000 to 10,000 miles each year. By using one of these programs, you can drastically reduce the cost of insurance on your classic car. These providers also ensure street rods, pro streets, exotics, racecars, and replicas. They offer full liability, comprehensive, collision, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Most offer car club membership and car “collection” discounts.

These cheap classic car insurance providers generally have strict eligibility guidelines. They exist solely for the insurance of classic or special, collectible cars and do not insure vehicles used for regular transportation. They often demand proof of another household vehicle, so they can be further assured that the car they are insuring is not used for regular driving. They require documentation of all modifications and alterations that have been made to the vehicle in question. Furthermore, they generally refuse to insure young drivers or drivers who do not have good driving records. Often, having one or more at fault accident in the last three years is enough to disqualify you from insurance through these providers. It is also a common requirement that the vehicle be garaged whenever not in use, in a secure, locked enclosure. Carports and temporary or makeshift garages do not qualify as enclosures. Almost every cheap classic car insurance provider will not consider overnight storage at a car show or event a violation of this policy.

Make sure you know what you are getting! Many cheap classic car insurance providers limit driving to parades, car shows, and club events. Some will allow limited pleasure driving, not in excess of the stated limit on your policy.

It is actually beneficial for a classic car owner to get insurance through such a strict classic car insurance provider. The more strict the guidelines, the cheaper the insurance generally is because the provider only insures people who are unlikely to ever use the coverage they have purchased.