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Cracked Windshields Can Now Lead to Auto Insurance Coverage Cancellations

Millions of people have auto insurance coverage but never think that they might be dropped from their insurer for something not related to their driving behavior.
A man named Charles Stanford was amazed to learn that he no longer had automobile insurance because his insurance company dropped him after he filed a claim. The insurance claim that he filed was in relation to a cracked windshield. The man filed two insurance claims in a four week span due to having cracked windshields on his vehicle.
Sometimes cracked windshields are not properly replaced and this can lead to the windshield cracking again or shattering altogether. It did not look like he was trying to commit fraud because he really had no way to benefit from such action. A cracked windshield can be dangerous this is why auto insurers cover its repair. Most drivers do have insurance deductibles and would have to pay it in order to get the repair done anyway.
Most people expect that if they operating their motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol and get into an accident that their auto insurance company might drop them from their coverage. However, a cracked windshield is a very minor thing that happens to vehicles on a regular basis in the United States.
Auto insurance companies want to keep people with clean driving records in their insurance pools because they bring down the amount of risk that is involved. The cracked windshields cost less than a few hundred dollars to repair and people pay more than that for their auto insurance premiums each year.
Stanford at most would have expected that his auto insurance premiums would have increased by five to ten dollars per month because of his two claims in one month but the cancellation of his policy is very extreme. Most insurance companies do not drop people that quickly because of two incidents such as these. It seems as if the insurance company was just being too cautious with the individuals that they choose to underwrite insurance policies for.
When you get a cracked windshield you may want to consider repairing it yourself and paying for the expense out of pocket. This situation is rare but it could become a trend in the insurance industry down the road. You might pay more now but down the road it is much more expensive to have your insurance policy cancelled. When you go to purchase another insurance policy from an insurer, they will see that you have had your coverage cancelled before and this will make your insurance premiums sky rocket.
Always make sure to discuss the pros and cons of filing an auto insurance claim for a cracked windshield with your insurance company before taking action. They will be able to explain to you their risk policy and how their underwriters will evaluate this type of claim when they decide whether or not to renew your insurance policy. Cracked windshields are not that expensive to repair and if you have been in any accidents or have gotten any speeding tickets then you may want to fix the windshield yourself.
Most insurance experts would say that this man probably should have been given a warning from his auto insurance company about filing an additional insurance claim regarding a cracked windshield in the same calendar year. He did not know that filing the claim would be a problem for him so insurers should be up front with the people that they insure about this kind of information. Hopefully, there will be more clarity so that people do not get their insurance policies canceled for the same thing.
Source: wsoctv