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Does Your Job Qualify For A Car Insurance Discount?

Writing that monthly check for your car insurance premium is never fun but if you have the right job you might be able to take a little bit of the sting out of it. Certain occupations often come with a chance for an insurance discount. While not every insurer offers these discounts it is a good idea to check with your agent to see if you qualify.

Why do some job titles qualify for a discount while others don’t? It all comes back to risk. Insurers comb their data on a regular basis and have discovered that people who reach certain educational milestones and work in a particular field tend to file fewer claims.

While some insurers broadcast their occupational discounts, many of them keep quiet about them so be sure to ask. As with all discounts and rating factors, it will vary by state.

Here are a few of the more common occupations that can lead to discounted insurance rates.


Most insurers offer teachers and college professors a discount. The discount rate will vary by insurer but 10 percent is pretty common. The insurer may require full time status so substitute teachers may be out of luck.

Other insurers offer special benefits for teachers. Waiving the deductible if a teachers car is vandalized on the school grounds is offered by some insurers and providing up to $3000 in coverage for educational materials or equipment owned by the school that is stolen from the car is not uncommon.


A number of insurers will offer discounts to active and retired military members as well as family members. Some insurers deal mainly with military members and are able to provide specially designed policies for service men and women.

In most cases, military families can expect to receive a 15 percent discount. This often only applies to vehicles that are garaged on a military base. If the car is being stored for an extended period of time due to an overseas deployment, the discount bumps up to 90 percent.

Police and Fire Fighters

First responders are often given discounts, although not as generous. In most cases it runs around 5 percent. Insurers have discovered that first responders tend to live close to work, which leads to a short commute. They often work odd hours, many times at night so they aren’t driving during rush hour. All of these factors lead to few accidents and fewer claims, warranting a discount.


Being a big brain can pay off in the premium department. Risk analysis shows that drivers with a bachelors of science degree or a math degree are involved in fewer accidents and file fewer claims so insurers are happy to offer a discount. The discount amount will vary depending on the state and insurer but look for between 5 and 15 percent. In most cases you don’t even have to work in a science related field, your degree is what counts.

Doctors and Nurses

All of those years in medical school are finally paying off with an insurance discount. Many insurers offer doctors and nurses up to a 15 percent discount. Again, the rates will vary by state. Dentists and veterinarians qualify as well and some insurers will offer a smaller discount to chiropractors.

Professional Organizations

Even if your job is not listed here, don’t lose hope. Many professional organizations have negotiated discounts with insurers. Check with any groups that you belong too; even college fraternities.

Many insurers offer discounts to certain occupations and professional organizations, the rate will vary by state and insurer. 

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