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Don’t Get Burned By Insurance This Summer

By Michelle Mears-Gerst

Summer is here and that means vacations, road trips, amusement parks and so much more. This is a time of fun, relaxation and getting away from the real world. To ease your mind during these carefree weeks take a moment while your car is being  tuned up and perform an insurance checkup before hitting the road.

According to the insurance agents at Fadaie Insurance in Temecula, California, summer is the time for claims.

“It is not just accidents claims,” said Kristen Jeffries an insurance agent with Fadaie. “This is the season when insurance companies receive the most claims for theft.”

Jeffries said people assume car insurance will cover their personal possessions in the car if stolen but that is not the case. Car insurance will only cover something that is attached to the car and stolen like a radio.

People planning a fun in the sun beach outing or a cross-country excursion need to review their homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance plan to check on their deductible. Jeffries said that the most popular deductible is $1,000.

“People seem to forget that insurance policies will cover an amount valued on a cash basis not the same amount paid for the item,” said Jeffries.  It may be worth your while to lower your deductible to $250.

Thieves love vacant homes, so it is best to notify neighbors you trust, about your vacation.

“If possible, leave a spare set of keys with someone you feel is reliable so they can move your car every few days. Thieves watch homes and take pictures of streets to find unoccupied homes,” said Jeffries

Travel insurance is something to consider when planning a holiday.  According to the U.S. Travel Insurance Association, the number of  American purchasing travel insurance in the past ten years has only increased 20 percent. Adding extra coverage while on your trip can protect you against unexpected events, medical coverage, and peace of mind. Travel insurance is an intangible underutilized and underappreciated until needed.

If you are staying, home for the summer and are having pool parties be sure children are watched at all times. Liability coverage and medical coverage on a homeowners policy is used when someone is hurt on your property. It is advised to carry at least 300,000 in liability and 5,000 in medical, but you may want to go above your policy limits with a Personal Umbrella Policy.

Khashayar Fadaie owner of  Fadaie Insurance said homeowners should sit down with their insurance agent and review the benefits of an umbrella policy.

Fadaie said the average homeowner could benefit from this type of insurance because it  provides liability coverage over and above standard auto insurance or homeowners insurance.

As you plan and pack this summer, remember you need to shield and protect yourself from more than just the sun so make sure your insurance has you covered or you could be burned.