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Drivers Can Avoid Winter Accidents if They Take the Right Precautions

Winter is about a month and a half away so drivers need to be prepared. During the winter, many drivers encounter hazardous situations such as snow, ice, wind, fallen trees, and debris that can cause them to get into collisions. It is important to prepare in advance to avoid becoming a statistic.

When it is cold the tire pressure on your vehicle drops by more than one pound each hour that the car is not in a garaged area. This means that each driver should keep a tire pressure gauge in their vehicle’s glove compartment so that the tire pressure can be measured on a daily basis. It is a good idea to add air to the tires at least once a week to prevent tires from getting flat or blowing out on the road and causing the car to swerve out of control and hit something.

If you live in a state with frequent snow and ice storm then you should replace your tires every year and purchase some snow tires. These tires have much better treads than traditional tires and help the car have traction in the bad weather. It is a good investment to make because it helps to reduce the chances of being involved in an automobile accident. Many drivers get into accidents because they lose control of their vehicle because they lose traction. Winter tires can save your life so try to get some.

In order to avoid having to file an auto accident insurance claim consider putting your vehicle in a garage or private street so that it is not parked on a public street during the day or night. Many fender benders occur during the winter time with parked cars so you want to avoid being in a risky situation if possible.

Having your vehicle properly maintained can help it keep working correctly during the winter. Have a mechanic evaluate your brakes and engine and have the fluids such as oil and windshield wiper fluid changed. Windshield wiper fluid is important in the winter because visibility is poor so your windshield wipers are used more so that you can see when you are behind the wheel.

Auto insurers like policy holders that have added safety features so look for one such as traction control, ABS, and others that can make your vehicle safer in the winter. Make sure to keep supplies in your vehicle such as flash lights, a shovel, sand, water, flares, and a set of jumper cables to be as safe as possible if your car dies during the winter time.

Source: SF Gate