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Drivers Need To Assess Outcomes Before Downgrading Insurance Coverage

Many drivers make the mistake of down grading their car insurance policies without doing enough research beforehand. In today’s economy, many drivers have to down grade their policies because their premium rates are too expensive for them to afford.
It is important to weigh the pros and cons before taking the action though. One woman downgraded her car insurance policy from full coverage to basic liability coverage only. Her insurance rates were going up every year so she wanted to take this action to save her some money.
It is crucial for driver to take their own driving abilities into account when making an insurance policy change. For example, if you know that you are not the best driver and have been ruled the at fault driver in an accident then you may want to keep full coverage on your vehicle.
Some drivers over estimate their driving prowess and think that liability insurance coverage only will protect them and that having full coverage on their vehicle is a waste of money. However, if that driver is determined to be at fault for the automobile accident then their car will not be repaired because their car insurance policy does not cover the expense.
The woman ended up being in an automobile accident shortly after down grading her car insurance policy. She was driving during the winter time and ended up hitting some black ice. She then skidded off the road and hit a guard rail which caused extensive damage to her vehicle. The woman thought that she would not be determined to be the at fault driver who caused the accident but she was wrong.
When there is a one car accident the driver is always deemed to be at fault because the car insurance company cannot file an insurance claim against anyone else. The woman’s car was totaled so she ended up having to donate it and walked away with nothing but headaches after the accident.
Unfortunately, this type of scenario happens on a daily basis all across the United States. Drivers think that they can win at Russian roulette and decide that having basic insurance coverage is the way to go. Before changing your insurance policy, it is important to see how the changes would impact you if you were involved in an accident that very day. Murphy’s Law is alive and well so drivers need to protect themselves.