Car Insurance for WomenAre you a woman looking for low-cost auto insurance? Good news! On average, women pay less for the same amount of auto coverage as men. This is because, according to statistics kept by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, women are better, safer drivers and tend to drive “more average cars” than men of the same age, and more often than not, have children in the car. This means when you are going the speed the limit you are more than likely wearing your seat belt and obeying the traffic laws. So how do you find these low rates?

Comparison Shop

As any good deal hunter knows, the time it takes to compare rates and shop around is worth it. Use one of the many comparison shopping sites for auto insurance on the internet. Calling the major companies like AAA, Geico or Progressive takes only a few minutes for a quote. To acknowledge the difference between men and women drivers, many companies provide lower cost rates to women. Real shoppers can dig deep and find specialty insurance companies, like those that cater exclusively to women.


Group discounts are out there waiting on you. Check with your HR department to see it they offer a group plan that can provide a low premium. Ask about your alumni group from college or your sorority. Membership at a local gym, like Curves, can sometimes include discounts. You might even find a deal through the Big Box grocery outlets like Sam’s Club or Cost Co. Check with your credit union or your credit card company, too.

Examine Your Coverage

Calculate exactly what coverage you need in terms of liability, comprehensive, collision, or medical payments. If you don’t know what these are – find out now! If you get a quote from us, you can speak with one of our agents regarding specifics, since the quote just lets you get a good idea. The amount of your deductible which is based not only on the market value of your auto, but your value of it and on what you can afford from your budget, is a deciding factor in the final premium. Where you live, where you work, the type of car you drive, costs of repairs, your driving record, the number of people on your policy and the amount of your deductible all factor into the cost.
Ask about combing your auto insurance with your homeowners or renters insurance policy. Some companies want to be your one stop shop for coverage and will offer discounts for multiple policies.

Everything Else

Just being a woman isn’t going to get you a good rate . Your age is important and you will be given a lower rate if you are over 35. Have anti-theft devices installed on your car, especially if it is a popular model with thieves. Continue to have a safe driving record. Ask to purchase a yearly policy rather than one you pay every six months. Find out if there is a discount when payments are electronically deducted from your bank account, instead of writing a check. Watch your credit rating as well because a poor rating can raise your auto insurance rates.
Shop with us and find the lowest rate that’s perfect for you.

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