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Florida Clinic Was Allegedly Engaging In Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto insurance fraud is becoming an issue everywhere that you turn. This type of fraud is often undertaken by criminals because it can be hard to determine which car accident claims are scams and which ones are in fact legitimate claims.
Florida has been one of the states that have the biggest problem with auto insurance fraud. This is because the state’s insurance laws are pretty lax in comparison to those in other states. A recent investigation has revealed that a clinic has been committing insurance fraud.
The name of the clinic is Bethel Health and Rehab Center and it has allegedly been being used by criminals committing auto insurance fraud in the Pine Hills area of Florida. Investigators uncovered that more than $64,000 of money was fraudulently received by the clinic from auto insurance companies. The clinic would also allegedly give money to the people committing the fraud and staging car accidents as a way to thank them for helping them in their scheme.
The auto insurance fraud investigation was started due to a woman stating that she and her teen aged daughter received treatment at the clinic after they were involved in a car accident. She was told by a law firm that was representing her interests in a personal injury case that they could not represent her interests. This was due to the fact that the medical files and papers that they had received were fakes.
The clinic had also sent medical bills to the auto insurance company that was fraudulent. The woman has said that she never received the care that the clinic had said that they had provided. Investigators are still investigating the fraud case and one employee was taken into police custody and others are expected to follow as more evidence is uncovered.
It is very important for people that were involved in car accidents to review their medical bills before they are submitted. In this case, the clinic was billing a woman’s insurance company for medical treatments that she had never received and she had no prior knowledge of this. Most people are too trusting and just think that all medical clinics are legitimate and will do the right thing.
Many auto insurance companies end up overlooking instances of insurance fraud that are committed by medical clinics because they have thousands of insurance claims submitted to them every year.
This clinic offered chiropractic medical treatments and therapies to people so it would be hard to prove whether or not individuals actually got the treatments that the insurance company was being billed for.  An increase of fact checking on pending insurance claims needs to be done by insurance agents to investigate possible instances of auto insurance fraud. This is because it has cost the state of Florida millions of dollars.
If instances of auto insurance fraud keep going uninvestigated then drivers will have to pay for this criminal activity. With more fraudulent insurance claims being filed every year, the price that people pay for their car insurance premiums will increase also. This is why drivers need to stay vigilant and review every document that they receive when they are in the process of filing an auto insurance claim after they have been involved in a car accident.
Source: Orlando Sentinel