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Ford Vehicles With Sync Can Help Drivers Get Car Insurance Discounts

Car insurance companies have been wrestling with the fact that they have no way to keep track of how their policy holders behave when they are behind the wheel of a car. Now, technology is finally allowing them to have more information about drivers. The approach is fairly straight forward; Ford has something called Sync installed in its vehicles. It is located in the dash board and can help drivers navigate, back up safely, and get information.
Some car insurance companies have their drivers install data recording devices on their vehicles for around six months to get information about how they drive. Now Ford will use this device to give information such as miles driven to insurance companies starting with State Farm.
Today many drivers are looking for ways that they can receive discounts on their car insurance premiums. The new models of Ford vehicles will have this Sync device installed on them. This means that most drivers will need to purchase collision or comprehensive insurance coverage on their vehicles because they will be financed. These two types of car insurance coverage can be quite costly so getting a discount is a much needed benefit in today’s ever changing economy.
The device can measure how many times the driver puts on the brakes, the rate of speed that the car is being driven, and how well the driver handles the car. This is very important information for car insurance companies to have at their disposal. One issue that might impact this is if people allow different drivers to operate their Ford vehicle. For example, many parents have teen drivers in their households. If a teen is constantly driving over the speed limit then this could negatively impact the data that is being sent to the car insurance company.
Drivers who decide to sign up for this new pilot program will receive a five percent discount on their car insurance premiums. Then, after a six month time period, the mileage that the car has been driven will be tabulated. Most drivers who have driven less than 1,000 miles will receive up to a ten percent discount.
It is important for drivers to make sure that they are being as honest as possible with their driving behavior and routines. Some people try to scam their insurance companies by acting like angels for six months and then going back to their reckless behavior. Hopefully, other vehicles will be able to use similar technology to offer the same discounts in the future.