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Harsher Consequences Needed for Distracted Drivers

Distracted driving is something that is plaguing the United States. It seems as though technology, particularly the cell phone has made it harder for drivers to focus on the road in front of them.

According to statistics, one in 11 automobile accident deaths is due to a driver being distracted by a cell phone. Law makers and auto insurance companies have not had a lot of success with their efforts to stop distracted drivers from being on the road.

The problem with drivers today is that they think that they are invincible. They think that they can drive and talk on their cell phone at the same time and that nothing bad will happen to them. The problem is that multitasking while driving just does not work.

You have to be incredibly focused when you are behind the wheel of a car. No one, not even an older driver can drive with confidence while talking or texting with a cell phone in hand.

One idea that a Wall Street Journal reader proposed was making it so that drivers who have been involved in an automobile accident while using a cell phone would be denied auto insurance coverage. This idea did not go over well. The main reason being that yes driving while using a cell phone is illegal but it is hard to deny someone access to auto insurance coverage. Even people who commit a DUI offense while behind the wheel can get auto insurance if they have a SR-22.

Police officers try to ticket as many drivers who are behind the wheel and using cell phones at the same time but they cannot be everywhere. The number of deaths is an issue that needs to be solved by re-educating drivers and focusing efforts on helping teen drivers see the light in regards to this issue.

It is a good idea for law makers to consider steeper penalties for driving while using a cell phone and maybe try to put up road signs which warn people not to do this. Parents should get involved as well because they are the ones who typically pay for their teen’s cell phone bills.

Teens should keep their cell phone in their purse or glove compartment so that they have it in case of an emergency. Many drivers have it on the seat next to them which can be very distracting. Any time that a cell phone rings or chimes, a driver is going to want to answer it. Curiosity can get the better of you so if it is out of sight then it is out of mind as well.

Distracted drivers need to get a wake up call because the harsh reality is that they are causing too many deaths each year. It would be hard to have to face someone’s family in court and know that you killed their son, daughter, husband, or wife because you had an urgent text or phone call to make.

In the future, auto insurance companies will need to take a harder look at how they deal with distracted drivers. They are the same risk as someone who drinks and drives so raising insurance premiums is a good idea but it might not go far enough.

It is important for this issue to be handled as soon as possible. This will help to make the roads much safer for drivers. A cell phone is something that should only be used when a vehicle is not moving. This will help to make sure that everyone is much safer and that the number of automobile accidents decreases in the next few years.