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HB 2466 Would Issue Tougher Penalties For Uninsured Drivers

Many states have found it to be hard to be able to get drivers to understand just how very important it is to have auto insurance coverage on their vehicles at all times.
The state of Tennessee has finally taken action because of the situation with uninsured drivers posing a threat to other drivers who are on the road. In the past, the police would only be able to issue someone a citation for being without proof of insurance coverage.
The state took action because of a fatality that occurred.There are many great ways for drivers in the state to follow the law and get automobile insurance coverage.
The new bill is called HB 2466 and everyone calls it the  Ricky Otts Act. It is an act that should have never needed to be created in the first place. Ricky Otts was killed by a driver who did not have a valid driver’s license or proof of auto insurance coverage. The automobile accident happened in 2010 and the only punishment that was given to the driver who was responsible for his death was a citation. This angered many drivers in the state who felt that more needed to be done to tackle the problem.
About 25 percent of drivers in the state lack an auto insurance policy. This is a five percent increase from 2007. This shows that there is a bad pattern that has taken place for more than five years.
A citation is basically a slap on the wrist and does not make drivers afraid to break the law. The man who died was innocent and 59 years old. The driver who hit him and killed him while uninsured should have faced huge lawsuits from his automobile insurance company. His family had to pay for his burial expenses and other fees.
What the main problem here is that drivers can always drive without insurance. There is no electronic system in place that would allow police officers to be able to access who is without automobile insurance in their cities or towns. If an electronic system could be created then legal notices could be sent out to those individuals who are knowingly breaking the law. Then, the courts could fine these drivers before they end up hurting or killing someone.
Many people find it hard to pay for their auto insurance premiums however, people also have to make the expense a priority. Most people will pay their cell phone bills before their car insurance premiums when times are tough because they value socializing more than being insured.
Now, the first time a driver is caught without proof of automobile insurance coverage and a driver’s license then people can face a fine of up to $100 and could have their driver’s license suspended.
Drivers who are involved in an automobile accident can also be arrested if there is a serious accident and they have no insurance or driver’s license on them. It is a good first step for the state however, many people have said that it does not go far enough.
For example, a person who is without a driver’s license on them should not be driving anywhere on a road. Some times accidents do happen and people forget their license but if a person does not have a valid license then they should be arrested on the spot and be held liable for the accident.
When a person has no proof of insurance coverage, they are taking on a financial liability even if they are in fact in possession of their driver’s license at the time of the automobile accident. They should face fines that are more excessive especially if they have already been involved in an automobile accident with another driver.
It is very costly for a driver to be involved in an accident with someone who is uninsured. The driver often has to go to court and have a lawsuit filed against the person. This can take a lot of time, money, and effort on their part.
The bill does not go far enough because it is harder to get legislation passed on the matter. Many drivers complain that their insurance premiums are too high and that they just cannot afford the financial burden. However, with most vehicles, there are at the very least liability insurance that can be purchased that are not very expensive.
One option for drivers is to search online for cheap insurance coverage. The quotes process takes only a few minutes and drivers can compare prices for different policies in one place. Hopefully, the bill will be able to reduce the instances of fatalities involving drivers who have no driver’s license and auto insurance coverage. This will help to reduce insurance premium rates for drivers all across the state of Tennessee.