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How Drivers Can Understand Their Rights If They Are Uninsured And Involved In An Accident

Every day in the United States, drivers who are uninsured get into automobile accidents. Many people who own uninsured vehicles are unsure about whether or not they can file a claim against someone who hit their vehicle.
For example, one woman had her vehicle parked on private property when it was hit by another vehicle. Even though this woman was uninsured at the time of the accident, she is still well within her rights to file an auto insurance claim. This is because she was not the at fault driver.
If the woman had been operating the vehicle and had been deemed at fault for the accident at the time then she would have been in serious trouble. This is because the other driver would have been able to sue her. The state would also be able to come after her for operating a vehicle while uninsured. This would mean that she would receive a ticket, a fine, the possible suspension of her driver’s license, and even the impounding of her vehicle.
If a car is parked then this is taken into consideration by car insurance companies. A majority of states have no pay no play laws, which makes it hard for uninsured drivers to make claims against drivers who hit them when they are behind the wheel. The woman in question would need to file a property damage liability claim with the at fault driver’s car insurance company.
Claims adjusters will ask people if they are insured so it is important to be honest. Some people have expired insurance policies and try to lie when faced with this question. It is important to tell the truth to increase the likelihood of being able to collect compensation for the damages that were done.
In most situations when there is an insurance claim for a totaled vehicle; the car insurance company will offer the driver a settlement to resolve the claim. This is a great way for drivers to quickly settle these matters so that they can replace the vehicle as soon as possible.
Drivers need to keep in mind that not being properly insured can land them in hot water. Most states will not allow drivers to make insurance claims that are even at the state’s minimum liability coverage limits. Drivers have also faced litigation and jail time for their actions. There are great insurance policies out there for all drivers so complying can help prevent major headaches.