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How to Find Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers

Finding cheap car insurance for new drivers can often be a challenge. Since new drivers lack experience on the road, insurance companies automatically consider them a high risk and saddle them with much higher rates than experienced drivers with good driving records. Fortunately a wise consumer can reduce their insurance premiums if they are willing to do a little homework beforehand. By shopping around, seeking out discounts, and choosing the right vehicle, new drivers can discover significantly lower insurance rates.

Since insurance prices can vary by hundreds of dollars from company to company, it always pays to shop around for the best rate. It is recommended that buyers get quotes from as many companies as possible. This step is extremely easy as you can get free rate quotes from multiple insurance providers conveniently online. This will give you the opportunity to compare plans and find the one that fits your budget and your needs. Before signing up with an insurance provider, be sure to check for additional discounts that new drivers may be eligible for.

There are many discounts available to new drivers that can reduce the overall cost of car insurance. Most insurance companies offer good student discounts to students who maintain a B average or earn a spot on their school’s Dean’s List or Honor Roll. Enrollment in a driver safety course is another excellent way to reduce premiums. It gives new drivers a way to prove their ability behind the wheel and insurers are often willing to reduce premiums by 15% or more for drivers who complete the course.

The car you drive can also have a significant effect on your insurance rates. New drivers should look for a vehicle with a strong safety record and low theft rates. In general, a 4-door sedan will cost much less to insure than a sports car or large sport utility vehicle. Cars with safety features such as side air bags, anti-lock brakes, automatic seat belts, and daytime running lights can provide discounts to drivers. An anti-theft device like cut-off switches and computer chip ignition key systems can also reduce insurance rates.

With a little research it is possible to obtain cheap car insurance for new drivers. While insurance companies like to lump all new drivers into the high risk category, new drivers who prove they are responsible and who own a safe vehicle are often eligible for deep discounts.