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Luxury Vehicle Escalade is a Big Target for Car Thieves in US

Car theft is on the rise in most states. The model of vehicle that is most stolen right now is the Cadillac Escalade. Each time that the vehicle is stolen, it ends up costing auto insurance companies more than $10,000 to replace it. Car theft is a huge problem for luxury vehicles but passenger car such as the Chrysler 300 are also being targeted at an alarming rate. The two vehicles that are least likely to be stolen are the Audi 6 and the Mini Cooper.

The Escalade is a very visible truck that many people own. Thieves can easily spot this vehicle and steal it to scrape it for parts that get sold on the black market. It is important for drivers who own this type of vehicle and other luxury vehicles to be vigilant about their vehicles. For example, if you live in an area like New York City and have to commute into work by subway then you may want to consider taking a bus to the subway station instead of having your vehicle parked all day long in the parking lot. Having a highly visible vehicle like an Escalade parked in one place for eight or more hours five days a week is something that can get the vehicle stolen very easily. Car thieves can scope out vehicles and unearth the routines that drivers have.

Most people arrive to the train or bus at the same time each day and return at the same time each night which can be very dangerous because car thieves know when they will have access to the vehicle in order to steal it. Car alarms can help but services such as On Star can be more effective at counter acting the effects of car theft. The service allows drivers to call On Star representative and have the car disabled so that it can be pulled over quickly by a police officer after it has been reported stolen. This is very beneficial to the car owner who has had their vehicle stolen and the police because the car is disabled so there is a higher probability that the car will be recovered.

In most circumstances, the sound that blares from a car alarm does nothing to deter criminals from stealing them. Sadly, we all live in a society where car alarms are viewed as nuisances and people do not immediately go to a car and check if it is in fact being stolen. There needs to be more innovation that allows people to easily just know if a car is being stolen without any alarms or noises sounding. One way might be an invisible alarm that automatically is triggered when the driver activates the alarm and does not set it off within two minutes. The alarm could alert the driver and the police that a possible vehicle theft is in progress so that action can be taken to handle the situation.

Escalade owners need to be very vigilant because anyone could be a potential car thief. All models of vehicles have been stolen before so just because your car’s model is on the list, it does not mean that your car cannot and will not be stolen. Always make sure to lock all of your vehicle’s doors, park in areas that have great lighting, and never leave your vehicle anywhere overnight unless it is absolutely necessary. Lowering vehicles thefts is important because it helps to keep auto insurance rates low so people need to work together and alert the proper authorities if they see a vehicle being stolen.


Source: In Auto News