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Many People Are Turning To Usage Based Monitoring Devices To Save Money On Car Insurance

In today’s economy, many people are trying to find the best and most convenient ways to save money on their car insurance coverage. Many car insurance companies are offering usage based discounts to drivers but there is a small catch involved.
In order to qualify for a discount of about 15 to 20 percent, a driver would need to plug a device into their vehicle so that they can begin to have their driving behaviors tracked by their insurance company. The discount is becoming more and more popular with consumers and many insurance companies have taken notice and have tweaked the programs so that they can use it with their own policy holders.
Some drivers have stated that this type of monitoring device violates their privacy but in all actuality it is the only way short of installing a surveillance camera that a car insurance company can see how a driver truly does drive.

Many drivers could apply for good driving or low mileage discounts and earn them while trying to game the system which is why these devices have become so popular in the insurance industry. However, some people who oppose the use of the devices do so because they can often retrieve GPS data to know the location of where a person is driving their car.
These individuals have stated that collecting all of this information about drivers could hurt them in the long run. They say that odometers can read the amount of mileage that a driver has driven and that it does not invade their privacy. Car insurance companies have stated that they want actual proof that cannot be tampered with before they will supply drivers with a discount.
The fact that thousands of drivers now are applying for usage based discounts proves that they will sacrifice their privacy in exchange for monetary savings on their car insurance premiums.

It is a good idea for all drivers to weigh the pros and cons of installing a monitoring device on their vehicle before they go ahead and request one from a car insurance company.
In today’s day and age, many people will do anything for a discount and sometimes they try to play the system. This is why the device will be installed on a vehicle for several months. This is done to get a more accurate snapshot of the driver’s behaviors. Drivers should be aware that their discount will be given based on a general assessment so changing your driving behaviors is a waste of time. Most insurers expect hundreds of thousands of more policy holders in search of these usage based discounts in the next few years.
One little device can send a car insurance company a great deal of information. For example, how hard a person brakes, how many times they were driving later than midnight, and how many miles have been driven.

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