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Michigan To Help Lower Income Drivers Get Insurance

Many people are struggling financially in Detroit and other areas of Michigan. On average, drivers in the city of Detroit pay approximately $4,500 a year for their auto insurance premiums. This is the city with the most expensive premiums in the entire United States.

Politicians have decided to take action and help poorer people be able to afford their car insurance premiums. This will help them avoid breaking the law and operating a motor vehicle while uninsured.

The measure is being introduced by a man named State Senator Virgil Smith. Drivers who make less than $32,000 and have a clean driving record and have a car that is worth $20,000 or less would be able to have their car insurance premiums slashed to about $1,000.

This can be a huge saving grace for the financially hard hit state. This can shave insurance premiums by $3,000 which is a lot of money for those individuals that are struggling with hard times right now.

Current statistics have found that about 33% of drivers in the state do not have auto insurance coverage. This means that one out of three drivers on the road is uninsured. These drivers are a threat to everyone. It is hard to punish these individuals because they are lower income people who just cannot afford insurance coverage but need to drive anyway to get to work and run errands such as taking their kids to school and buying food.

This measure is one that actually finally takes a step to help the poor in the United States be able to have some economic relief so that they can follow the law. Some people oppose the law because they say it might only allow people to receive accidental health insurance coverage of up to $50,000 in benefits.

Health care costs are on the rise and many accident victims have hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. This could end p making many accident victims have to pay out of pocket for their care which could end up bankrupting them.

It is important for drivers in the state to be able to afford coverage but at the same time be able to receive the benefits that they need. There needs to be some middle ground so that everyone wins. Currently, the state, especially Detroit drivers cannot afford for this cycle to continue. Millions of automobile accidents happen across the United States every single year.

Many people in Detroit do not make enough money right to pay their insurance premiums. If you lower premiums dramatically then drivers are much more likely to want to buy coverage and keep paying their premiums on time each month.

Other states could really benefit from taking the same action and reducing insurance premium rates for poorer drivers. This would help to reduce the number of people who break the law and drive without coverage.

In today’s day and age, many people say government intervenes too much and that the open market should take care of itself. In this instance, a mandate has been imposed in the state which says that everyone must be insured so being able to get some help from the government is a great solution for those that are struggling right now.