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Nebraska Considering Changes to Liability Auto Insurance Laws

The state of Nebraska is making some waves with a proposed change to its auto insurance coverage laws. The new law that is being proposed is by State Senator Paul Schumacher. He wants to change the minimum amounts of liability coverage that drivers need to have.

Other states have tried similar measures in the past. They say that it helps to make drivers safer. Automobile accidents happen all the time, so having additional auto insurance coverage can be a real lifesaver.

Times are tough and many families are struggling. Some drivers have argued that by being required to have additional coverage that they will have to pay even more for their auto insurance coverage which is not fair at all. The unemployment rate is over nine percent and many families are struggling just to keep their families fed.

The new law would require that drivers have $50,000 in under insured or uninsured motorist coverage which is a 100% increase from its previous amount of $25,000. The amount of money for medical bills if more than one person is injured in an automobile accident will increase to $100,000 which is a 100% increase as well from its original amount of $50,000.

The state senator who proposed these changes has said that he has done this because health care costs are much higher than they were many years ago when the liability amounts were first set. It is very true that health care costs are rising. Millions of people are uninsured and do not have auto insurance or health insurance coverage.

Drivers do not want to have to pay more for their auto insurance premiums than they already do. This is understandable as well. It seems as though both sides want to do what is right but there is not a lot of leeway for compromise.

Nebraska residents will see their auto insurance premiums go up slightly but they will also be getting more coverage for their financial investment as well. If you are suddenly involved in an automobile accident with three other people and you are seriously injured then you will reap the financial rewards of having the additional auto insurance coverage.

Most drivers just think in terms of black and white. They see the bottom line and that their auto insurance premiums are going up and they become very angry. Anyone would be because they do not see anything tangible with paying for additional liability coverage that they may never need.

It is important for everyone to understand that politicians really cannot benefit a great deal from proposing laws that change auto insurance liability requirements. They do not go over well with constituents but times are changing so the amounts need to be adjusted to accommodate inflation.

It is a good idea for people to shop around for this type of liability insurance coverage if the law does take effect. This will give people some time to be able to find an auto insurance company that might offer them lower insurance premiums. It is also a good idea to consider investing in additional coverage if you can, such as comprehensive or collision coverage.

It does pay to have more insurance coverage, many automobile accidents have thousands of dollars in damages. It pays to be able to walk away from an accident even if the person who was at fault was uninsured and know that all of your bills have been paid by your insurer.

It stands to reason if Nebraska will implement these changes, time will tell in that respect. Hopefully, drivers can be able to absorb the additional costs if the law does take effect.