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Online Cheap Car Insurance

With the advent of the internet, everything, to include car insurance, is getting cheaper. Many auto insurance companies even offer additional discounts for using their online application versus a faxed or in person application. While the auto insurance rates used to be based solely on the individuals previous driving record, the person’s age, driving record, type of car, type of payment for insurance and marital status. There are now other factors that can come into play to get the customer the cheapest rate.

If one watches TV, the latest trend in auto insurance is to either have the “first accident forgiveness” policy, or the “money back for good driving” policy. There are many reasons that insurance companies can offer such cheap online rates, but the biggest and most prominent one is human resource.

While in the past, a human had to go through applications looking for errors, now, a computer can verify information sent through the internet by means of databases, thus cutting out the cost of an individual.

Another reason is advertisement. For the price of one TV ad, a company can blast the internet with all kinds of advertisements and links directing consumers to their websites, thus increasing their visibility while at the same time lowering advertisement costs. In contrast with the cheap online advertisement some companies use; other companies are opting for the more expensive and more entertaining TV advertisements. One cannot go more then 25 or 30 minutes of watching TV without seeing at least one advertisement for auto insurance. There is everything from animated advertisements to awesome music video advertisements. While this is more expensive then online advertisement, TV advertisements offer more authenticity to the consumers.

Whether one is attracted to advertisements they see while surfing the web, or by advertisements they see while watching TV, the fact is that there are more auto insurance companies and more advertisements then any time in history. With the sheer amount of auto insurance companies to choose from, it is easy to get lost in the confusion and sign with the cheapest company. Through manipulation of services and deductibles, auto insurance companies can make it seem as if they are the best deal in town. Through personal experience, I learned that no matter how low the price seems, one should always read what is and what is not included in their auto insurance policy before making a choice.