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Parents Are Now Trying to Buy Safer Vehicles for Their YoungDriversKids

Summer is here now and many young drivers will be out of school and hitting the road. It is important for parents to choose a vehicle that is right for their child to drive. A rule of thumb is to look for vehicles that sit up higher such as minivans, sport utility vehicles and trucks because the higher up you are sitting during a crash, the better your chances are of suffering non-life threatening injuries.

There are many great safe cars that are also affordable at the same time. Parents should examine the crash test ratings of a vehicle before they start looking for vehicles so that they can easily narrow down the search early on. Most young drivers are more concerned with the color of the vehicle and the kind of sound system that it has rather than its safety features. The economy has made it hard for parents to be able to purchase or co-sign vehicles for their children so make sure that the vehicle is not too old and does not have a lot off miles on it.

Having enough safety features is very important when a driver becomes involved in an automobile accident. One great safety feature is an airbag. Airbags deploy when a vehicle has become involved in a collision. The airbag cushions the driver and other passengers so that they do not suffer severe head injuries.

Seatbelts are still the best safety feature to have. People who wear a seat belt are much more likely to survive being involved in a car crash than those that do not. It is important for parents of younger drivers to not allow the child to have more than one passenger driving with them at a time. Having a safe vehicle for your child is a good thing but the safety features can only do so much to help in the event of an accident.

Teen drivers especially are known for getting the car keys when they turn 16 and hitting the open road with a bunch of their friends. This can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. Young drivers have issues with their attention spans and for the first year or two that they have their driver’s license they should not be allowed to drive long distances or drive for more than 30 to 45 minutes at a time without stopping.  Driving requires an intense amount of focus so by having a lot of passengers in the vehicle at one time there poses a large risk of the teen becoming distracted by the conversations that are going on in the vehicle.

Parents need to consider driving with their child for the first six months that they have their license in order to address any additional driving issues that they might have. Driving is a skill that is perfected over time so having additional one on one lessons with a parent even after a license has been attained is a very good idea.

Parents need to present a full package to prospective auto insurers by not only buying their child a safe vehicle but also by making their child a safe driver. Car accidents happen every day in the United States. Some of the drivers that are involved in these accidents have poor driving skills while others have squeaky clean driving records. The point is that regardless of who you are or what you do, every time that you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you could be involved in an accident. Having a safer vehicle is like a potential safety net so that you can stand a chance of walking away to tell the story to someone else someday.


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