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Parents of Teen Drivers Shouldn't Lie About Address to Save on Car Insurance

Millions of parents across the United States have teen drivers. It can be tough for most parents to take their child down to their local DMV location and allow them to take their driver’s license examination. Many parents fear this day because adding a teen driver to your car insurance policy will make your car insurance premiums increase.
Some people think that their teen drivers can put a different address on their driver’s license so that they can be added to their parents’ car insurance policy and not face higher premium rates. However, this is lying and can be considered to be a form of insurance fraud.

If parents cannot afford to add their kids to their car insurance policy then it might be a much better idea to list the teen as an excluded driver on their car insurance policy. However, if the child is ever allowed to borrow the vehicle and gets involved in a car accident then the claim would be denied because he or she was excluded from the policy.
Some parents decide to purchase a used vehicle for their teen driver and then require them to purchase their own car insurance coverage. The teen would have to get a job though which in today’s tough economic times can be very hard to find.
It is important for teens to not just be handed the keys because it does not teach them enough about responsibility.

Thousands of car accidents each year are caused by teens that are recklessly driving a vehicle that they themselves do not own but their parents do.
It is a good idea for parents to not try to lie to save money. Each driver’s address must be correct because this has a lot to do with insurance issues. If someone is involved in an accident then they need to provide their driver’s license, registration, and insurance information to a police officer.

It also can put an accident victim in harm’s way because if the injured person has an incorrect address on their license then it may be harder to notify their next of kin about what has happened.
One way that teens can save money is to take a defensive driving course. These classes can be done online so parents do not have to shuttle their kids back and forth to classes all the time. The classes can be done at the student’s own pace so he or she can fit it into their schedule.
Another option is to get good grades and apply for a good student discount. It takes time but maintain good grades can save teens a lot of money on their car insurance premiums. Every dollar counts so teens and their parents need to be proactive.

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