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Looking to learn more about Philadelphia and how you can obtain cheap car insurance? Well, Philadelphia is the largest city in Pennsylvania and one of the oldest cities in the United States. Founded in 1682, Philadelphia has been the site of many major events in the history of the U.S. Traffic jams, tight city streets and strict parking enforcement have made the city infamous to native drivers and tourists alike.

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Driving Conditions in Philadelphia

Gridlocked traffic on Interstate 76, known as the Schuylkill Expressway to locals, makes both the morning and evening rush hours difficult for commuters. Navigating the downtown area of the city may be difficult for people who are unfamiliar with the area because of one-way streets and exit-only lanes that appear in both the right and left lanes.

Unique Laws in Philadelphia

Pennsylvania is more dedicated than most states when it comes to banning distracted driving. As reported by CBS Philly, the distracted driving laws in the state ban texting and allow police officers to pull over and cite anyone who is texting.

Philadelphia Crime Statistics

The crime statistics related to vehicles and driving that are listed below have been sourced from 2011 data provided by the FBI and 2012 data provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • Auto Thefts: There were 7,447 auto thefts in Philadelphia in 2011. This means that there were 4.9 auto thefts per 1,000 residents.
  • Property Crime: There were 59,617 property crimes in Philadelphia in 2011. This means that there were 39 property crimes per 1,000 residents.
  • Drunk Driving: There were 37 DUI-related deaths in Philadelphia in 2012.
  • Crash Statistics: There were 11,336 total vehicle crashes in Philadelphia in 2012.

Philadelphia Vehicle and Driving Safety Requirements

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, drivers in Pennsylvania are not permitted to text. However, there are no state bans on using a cell phone to talk while driving. Philadelphia is one of the cities in the state that prohibits all cell phone use by drivers, so it is important for drivers to use a hands-free set while driving within city limits. Motorcyclists who are either under the age of 21 or have held a motorcycle license for less than two years must wear a helmet. Seat belts are required for drivers, passengers in the front seat and anyone under the age of 18.

Impaired Driving Laws in Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation advises drivers that driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level above .08 is considered to be driving under the influence. License suspension, fines and probation or jail time could be assessed as the result of a DUI.

- First-time Offense

  • $300 fine
  • Probation of up to six months
  • Mandatory driving school

- Second-time Offense

  • Fine up to $2,500
  • Jail time of up to six months
  • 12-month license suspension
  • Ignition lock

- Third-time Offense

  • Fine of up to $5,000
  • Jail time of up to 2 years Offenders with a BAC level over .10 face more serious consequences. 

Fines of up to $10,000 and jail time of up to five years could result for people who drive with a BAC above .15.


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  • H&m Insurance Agency


    Marie, Lou
    Free quotes, low rates motorcycle and auto cheap insurance! best rate in philadelphia

    5829 Rising Sun Ave Philadelphia, Pa
    Philadelphia, PA 19120
    Visit Agent Website

  • Danny's Auto Tags


    7184 Ogontz Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19138
    Visit Agent Website


    they was very helpful and service was good and

  • East Coast Insurance Consultants


    6001 Torresdale Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19135
    Visit Agent Website


    I needed a document notarized so I stopped into East Coast Insurance and Tags. When the woman notarized my document she asked me if she could find me a cheaper rate on my insurance. I gave her my information not expecting her to find anything cheaper for me but then she called me an hour later and had a price of thirty dollars a month less than what I was paying. I WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!!. I went down there a few days later and have been happy ever since.

  • Jim Barlick


    10789 Bustleton Avenue Bustleton Somerton Shopping Ctr
    Philadelphia, PA 19116
    Visit Agent Website


    Jim and his staff are very patient and helpful in deciding the type of insurance needed for me. I really appreciate this, the time he took, going over everything I needed make me feel very confident in my decision, and they have all types so it was very easy to get homeowners, auto and life insurance, all at once office.

    Jean Dougherty

    And so is Jim Barlick. Jim Barlick and his knowledgealbe and friendly staff are always there to help with my policies and questions. Jim Barlick is patient, helpful and always consults on what I really need. He has a dedicated staff of good people who truly are "like a good neighbor"!

  • Joseph Definis


    6150 Ridge Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19128
    Visit Agent Website


    Mr. DeFinis is the consummate professional. He saved us hundreds of dollars a year on our auto, home, and liability insurance. Nothing was left to chance. He also went the extra mile, walked us through the application process, and took care of all of the details, hand delivering the final product. In other words, he took care of everything making it very easy for us. He even bought Girl Scout Cookies from our daughter! I recommend him highly.

  • Joseph Ems Insurance Agency


    7348 Frankford Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19136
    Visit Agent Website


    Unbelievable service! There is never an issue when a problem arises. We have homeowners, life & auto services all with this office & they go above & beyond to help thier clients! Highly reccomend!

    Joe and his staff treat you like you are part of the family. I have had several different agents in a couple of different states and Joe Ems State Farm is by far the best agent I have come across. While I was in college away from my family and needing help with my insurance needs he and his staff treated me like I was one of their children and helped me every step of the way. Now that I am out in the real-world they have helped me with life-insurance and saving towards my retirement. They go that extra mile for you!!!

  • Laughlin


    1210 S Broad St
    Philadelphia, PA 19146
    Visit Agent Website


    Had my title and registration processed the same day. very professional staff. easy

  • Michael Lelli


    749 S 8th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
    Visit Agent Website


    No longer an Allstate Insurance agency. Now a Farmers Insurance Agency. Call me for a quote. We are half of what Allstate's rate are! You won't be sorry. 267-685-0590

  • Nilien Insurance Services


    4521 Baltimore Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19143
    Visit Agent Website


    Buyer beware

  • Ott & Associates


    7282 Leonard St
    Philadelphia, PA 19149
    Visit Agent Website


    Great customer service and the office is open 6 days a week so someone is always available!

  • Pak Auto Tags


    2222 N Broad St
    Philadelphia, PA 19132
    Visit Agent Website


    I had never transferred a title before but that was not a problem going here. I had called several times that day with questions and they were always helpful and courteous. They even refunded an overpayment I had made and I would never have know if they didn't tell me. there were problems with my title that they straightened out for me. I am totally happy with the service at Pak!

    After spending hours running around trying to collect paperwork for PennDOT to renew my driver's license, PennDOT closed at 4:15 on Friday and I did not get my new license. Who closes at 4:15??? And who has time to take off work and deal with the pricks at PennDOT? Idiots working there!

    Luckily, i found a little piece of auto tag heaven when I found Pak Auto Tags. They took all the headaches out of the whole process. They renewed my license and transfered my new car title in just 10 minutes. Plus their fees were AFFORDABLE. Jubin was very couteous and writes extremely fast. You will be in and out in no time.

    I highly recommend this place for any form of auto paperwork. I will definitely come back again if i need their services in the future.

    Thank you Pak Auto Tag. You have gain a customer for life.

  • Skowronski Insurance


    2642 E Allegheny Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19134
    Visit Agent Website


    comment share
    03/14/11Skowronski Realestate and Staff are the best!!!!
    by Roxanne Gliwa at Citysearch
    My husband and I purchased our home through Skowronski's 20 yrs ago. Since then we purchased investment properties and insurance through their office. They collect rent for us with no issues with the tenants. Many of our tenants are long term so Iwould strongly say they are also satisfied with their estate and insurance service. Mr. Skowronski is well know in Port Richmond and I find it hard to believe the one comment I just read. I talk to so many people in this neighborhood and all's you have to say do u know Jimmy Skowronski and the answer is of course who doesn't!!!! Mr. Skowronski couldn't of been in business all these yrs if he wasn't doing something right.. His staff is super nice Margaret & Joanna I don't know how many times they went out of there way to answer my questions and help me as much as they could. Just this pass Friday they both stayed passed there working hours to help me resolve something.. I wouldn't deal with anyone else..
    helpful (0) not helpful (0) comment share

    My parents have rented properties through Skowronski's office over many years and with always the utmost of confidence and satisfaction. My parents have since passed and I have sold these properties through their office. I have my current homeowners insurance with them. My parents were happy with their services and so am I.

  • T & A Insurance Agency


    4900 N 11th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19141
    Visit Agent Website


    Great service, prompt and extremely responsive to customer needs. The owner has great experience and will work with you in customizing and tailor the right insurance package that will meet your needs.

  • Thanh Pham


    254 S 10th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
    Visit Agent Website


    I have been a State Farm customer ever since I walked into the office. I was greeted promptly by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Thanh took the opportunity to step away from what he was doing to introduce himself to me. Rebecca assisted me in choosing the right coverage for my needs and budget. I still receive wonderful service, 4 years later.

  • The Perzel Agency


    7338 Frankford Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19136
    Visit Agent Website


    I've been a customer of Erie Insurance and the Perzel Agency for over 10 years. The coverage and the customer service are superior. I was in an auto accident, called in my claim on a Saturday, Erie had a claims adjuster out to look at my van and within a week I had the check in my hands. The customer service at the Perzel agency is excellent and the staff is knowledgeable.

    The Perzel Agency has it ALL....................GREAT rates, friendly & knowledgable staff and Mike Perzel at the helm who takes pride in making sure that ALL of his clients are always satisfied.

  • Vince Ovecka


    456 E Girard Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19125
    Visit Agent Website


    I crashed my car Saturday. This is my story about Vince's office.

    Vince has been my agent for about 8 years now. I met him when I was buying a home. He now carries it all for me - home, life, car. I also referred him to a few friends.

    Vince has provided the most personalized Insurance service I've ever dealt with in my life.

    Everyone pays for insurance and wonders what they're getting for it.

    On the day to day stuff, he saves me money, and once, called me just to offer me a lower rate. A LOWER rate! Proactively!

    Now, on to what we care about - when you're in an accident.

    I crashed my car Saturday, which led me to write this. The first call I made was to 911, then to Vince. When he called me back, he proceeded to negotiate a deal for me with the collision center, handling every step. He got me the rental car - all lined up, and is now negotiating with the at fault driver's insurance company.

    I guess my point is, I'm not a number to Vince, and would heavily recommend him to anyone. My assumption is that whomever is writing the negative reviews has some personal vendetta, or maybe flexing internet muscles. I'm a real customer, with real support from Vince. If the rest of the insurance business held your hand like Vince does, the industry wouldn't have a bad wrap. Over and out.

    We were a customer with state farm for years. Trusting their service and trusting we were getting a very competitive rate. In those years they never offer not even a candy. Here is why we went with another company. We were insuring two vehicles for over two years. One of the vehicles went down with a bad engine sitting in a mechanics bay for months. The very first day the car was diagnosed, we called state farm to inform that the car was inoperable and to take it off the policy (to save money (why pay the second premium on a car with a bad head gasket which i knew it was not being driven nor repaired for a couple of months). state farm requested the miles of the vehicle to make a note on the file as of why was being pulled from the policy. The miles were provided and supposedly they took it off the policy. The following months they kept billing us for the two cars which was not fair in my belief. I did my research, not to mention my experience in the automotive industry with other insurance carriers and i found out they were supposed to honor my request to remove the vehicle. They kept billing us for both cars. Not only that. On the one vehicle we kept in the policy, I decided to shop around and compare prices only to find out i was being overcharged more than $70.00 dollars a month for the one vehicle. Like a good neighboor State Farm is there to ripp you off. The comparison I did was using a declaration page from state farm so I can say it was apples to apples. same coverage for 70 dollars less a month. I had just made my payment 2 days before my comparison and decided to call state farm and cancel my policy. They said they will send a check for the non use of premium let me explain. My payments were made in advance on the 28th of every month. I made a pmt on the 28 and on the 1st of following month cancelled policy. they had more that 26 days of premium of my money, called the agent and he stated that state far will issue a check for non use of premium due to my cancellation. Finally the check arrived to my surprise it was a five dollar check. Yes $5.00 check. Then I called back and they treated me like i was not a customer anymore. Very different than the very first time we met. So, please if you are considering obtaining insurance, please stay away from
    Vince Ovecka's office
    (215) 739-0800
    456 East Girard Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19125
    They will ripp your heart out.

  • Warren A Clarkson


    7120 Germantown Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19119
    Visit Agent Website


    My husband and I purchased a home this year and used Warren for our homeowner's insurance policy. The rate that he gave us was so fantastic that our agent and our broker both were extremely impressed. I'm the kind of person that likes to have an insurance agent that I can have a one-on-one relationship with that will know me by name and not as just another policy number. I'm happy to say that I get this with Warren.

  • X-pert Insurance


    4590 Aramingo Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19124
    Visit Agent Website


    Insurance prices are dropping in Philadelphia, let us show you how.

    At Xpert Insurance we are Independent Agents. That means we can have as many companies as will sign us on. If you go to State Farm or Allstate, you get one company. Usually when you go to an insurance agent they give you 1 price, from the 1 company they deal with. At Xpert Insurance, I promise you will get many quotes. Thats because we have over 100 companies to choose from. You don't just renew year after year with the same company, we run the rates for you 2 times a year to make sure you are getting the best rate possible.

    In this day and age where everyone is nickel and diming you to death, our mission is to save you money. When our policies renew, we don't accept rising prices, we demand lower rates. How do we make this possible? A little thing called supply and demand. Keep the supply of companies high and force the companies to stay competitive with the prices. Thats what we do.

    Our agent Jude MacDonald has been in this business all his life. He grew up working with his dad in the family real estate and insurance business. This experience has earned him the title eXpert. After 20 years the business he knows what it takes to keep the prices right and keep his friends insured.

    Do you want to save money starting today?????? If so give us a call for a FREE QUOTE!


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Swapping your high heels for a pair of driving shoes can help you qualify for cheap car insurance by avoiding accidents and getting "safer driver" discounts.

Safety Tip

It is easier to get cheap car insurance with a car that has high safety rating than one without one.

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When you are looking for cheap car insurance, ask if the insurance company offers a policy where they forgive the first accident.

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