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How to Get Cheap Car Insurance With Points On Your Record

There are numerous ways to get the best car insurance rates possible. Auto insurers today offer discounts for being married, for having multiple cars or multiple drivers, for being a student or a member of the military or even for paying insurance premiums online. However, the best way to ensure great coverage at an affordable price is to have a clean driving record, free of major tickets, violations and at-fault accidents–something that not everyone currently possesses.
Millions of Americans have been caught speeding or have been involved in other violations and accidents that have left them with points on their driving records. The result of this is usually higher insurance premiums, although drivers with a certain number of points on their records may also face discontinued coverage or even suspended licenses. This is because most standard auto insurance companies calculate a driver’s risk of future claims by examining their past driving record. Fair or not, insurers take past accidents, DUIs and speeding tickets as evidence that they may have to pay out costly future claims on the client’s behalf–a chance that many aren’t willing to take. As a result, most auto insurers that cover high-risk drivers make these customers pay “premium premiums” for the extra risk assumed.
Fortunately, there is hope. Drivers with points on their licenses do not have to give up driving or pay exorbitant prices for car insurance. Specialized, high-risk auto insurance is one option that allows people with poor driving records to save money while looking toward the future.
Unlike standard insurers, high-risk or nonstandard auto insurance companies specialize in covering those with histories of risky driving. Because all these companies do is cater to high-risk customers, the liability they take on is spread more evenly amongst all their clients. This means that no one customer poses more of a risk than the other, and no one driver is more likely to cost the insurance company money in future claims. As a result, the company has less to lose in offering high-risk drivers coverage, which means that it can afford to provide lower rates.
It’s a win-win situation for all involved. The insurance company gets a new customer and the driver gets to stay on the road. Even better news is that points are not permanent: in most states points expire within two to three years. Thus, once their driving records improve, consumers have the option to go back to traditional insurance companies or to stay with their higher-risk carriers if they so please.
For those who currently struggle with the rules of the road, as well as for those improving their driving skills while they wait for points to expire, high-risk auto insurance is a cheap, sensible alternative–one that can save money twice or even three times over, as high-risk auto insurers also offer the same myriad of discounts available from traditional companies. That means savings not only for buying nonstandard insurance, but also for being married, for being a student and for having multiple cars or drivers. And who couldn’t use those kinds of savings?