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Police Officers Become Criminals In Car Insurance Fraud Scam

Car insurance fraud scams are on the rise. In the city of New Orleans, three veteran police officers were recently involved in a car insurance fraud scam. Most people would think that those who are assigned to serve and protect the city’s residents would never become a criminal themselves but sadly even police officers can be led astray so that they want to commit crimes.

The three men involved who are aged 34, 43, and 40 have already been sentenced for their parts in the car insurance fraud scam.

Allegedly, the three men decided to scam a car insurance company because one of the men’s trucks was breaking down all the time and he did not want the financial burden of having to constantly pay for his repair bills.

One and his nephew decided that they would instead call 911 and report his truck stolen. The third man who was involved was another police officer who decided to file the police report because he could be viewed as a neutral third party. The owner of the truck claimed that he had been in Jefferson Parish at the time that his truck was allegedly stolen.

The police officer then took the fraudulent police report and sent it to the man’s car insurance company.

The officer then made false statements to the insurance company a few days later as well. Most of the officers involved had been on the police force for many years.
Many people today turn to car insurance scams because they would rather report their vehicle stolen than have to repair it if they cannot afford to. The economy is not doing that well and many people think that crime pays and that they will be able to pull a fast one on their insurer.
It is very fortunate that these men were caught because once someone decides to commit car insurance fraud they often go down a dark path and repeat the same offense. The three men who were involved were tasked with upholding the law but then decided that they were above it when one of them could no longer afford to repair his truck any longer.

It is important for car insurance companies to look for red flags such as statements that might not be factually accurate during the initial claims process.

Many people who try to commit car insurance fraud end up spinning a web of lies that can quickly become unraveled after repeated interviews with them. It is crucial for insurance commission members and law enforcement officers to look at every claim individually and not make any assumptions. Most of the time police officers who try to commit insurance fraud get away with it because people think highly of them. Crime does not pay so hopefully this is a lesson to other potential criminals.