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Want to learn more about Portland and how to get cheap car insurance? Well, Portland is the largest city in Oregon and was incorporated in 1851. The city was originally settled because of its location at the end of the Oregon Trail. The climate in Portland is conducive to growing roses and has made the city famous for the flowers. Portland is known for its environmentally-conscious population and rich cultural opportunities.

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Driving Conditions in Portland

The Portland Bureau of Transportation advises drivers that the local government works to provide regular preventative maintenance on roads to keep adverse driving conditions from happening in the first place. However, this maintenance occasionally interferes with commutes. Information about maintenance is provided by the city. Drivers can find current information about road closures at the website of the Federal Highway Administration.

Odd Laws in Portland

Laws in the state of Oregon dictate that a person may be cited for leaving a vehicle door open for an extended period of time. A person may receive a ticket if they leave their car door open for longer than it takes a person to get in and out of the vehicle.

Portland Crime Statistics

- Auto Thefts: The FBI has gathered crime statistics that reveal that there were 3,225 auto thefts in Portland in 2011. This means that there were 5.5 auto thefts per 1,000 residents.

- Property Crimes: There were 30,022 property crimes in Portland in 2011. This means that there were 50.9 property crimes per 1,000 residents.

- Crash Statistics: According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, there were 11,288 traffic crashes in Portland in 2011.

Portland Vehicle and Driving Safety Requirements

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, all drivers are banned from texting in the state of Oregon. Drivers must use a headset in order to use a cell phone while driving, and people under the age of 18 may not use a cell phone at all. Seat belts are required at all times. Children under the age of eight are required to use a booster seat or car seat while riding in a vehicle. Universal helmet laws in the state of Oregon require motorcyclists to wear a helmet at all times.

Impaired Driving Laws in Portland

State law in Oregon defines driving under the influence as driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 or greater. Penalties for offenders depend on whether the offender has been convicted of a DUI in the past.

  • First-time offenders face a fine of up to $1,000
  • Second-time offenders face a fine of up to $1,500
  • Third-time offenders face a fine of up to $2,000 License suspension and jail time may also be ordered. Felony offenders are required to serve a minimum sentence of 90 days.

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  • Allstate


    Peggy Romero
    We are a full service insurance agency offering all lines of insurance including homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance and retirement strategies. We offer accident polices that cover you on or off the job. We also have business owners insurance for many types of companies. We value our customers and offer excellent customer service.

    What makes your specific agency stand out from your competition?
    We love being able to interact with our customers throughout oregon and washington. I really believe the active participation we have in this community helps make this community special. My staff goes and reads with kids at the elementary school, we sponsor car shows, and we walk in the local parades."

    • Auto Insurance

      Home Insurance

      Life Insurance

      Retirement Insurance

      Business Insurance

      Commercial Auto Insurance

      Cancer Insurance

      Accident Insurance

      Accident Policies

      Financial Services

      Retirement Planning

    • Property And Casualty, Life And Health

    • 10079183

    7825 Se Foster Rd
    Portland, OR 97206
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  • Ed Malone Agency


    William Gray Foster
    Car, home, mobile home, business insurance. contractor license bonds

    7822 Sw Capitol Hwy, Suite 1
    Portland, OR 97219
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  • Brian Lamson


    8835 Sw Canyon Ln Ste 135p
    Portland, OR 97225
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    Worst insurance company I have ever worked with. Every month my bill was a different amount (HIGHER each time). They drug their feet every step of the way on getting any claims processed. I had to call them every day to ensure they were even working on it. Even though my wife and I had good driving records our rates went up every single renewal period. I switched to PROGRESSIVE and am paying $200 less per month with more coverage and less BS. AVOID UNLESS YOU LOVE TO BURN MONEY.

  • Chris Lawson


    3118 Ne Broadway St
    Portland, OR 97232
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    I have had my insurance with State Farm for over 20 years, the last 15 have been with Chris Lawson's office. I have always received great customer service and my questions are answered completely. I would highly recommend Chris' office for insurance.

  • Cox & Fidler Insurance


    5755 Ne Glisan St
    Portland, OR 97213
    Visit Agent Website


    Having been with this agent (actually began with Cox Sr.) for OVER 20 years, I forgave the faux pas about 5 years ago when they missed a vital date (by one year) to lower my insurance costs and ate the difference. Finally about a year ago having needed more insurance I asked for callbacks and found myself without return messages so shopped around to change. It's been 6 months since switching away - and like pulling teeth to get any return insurance funding back from escrow. Was given lip-service like never before by them upon insisting we get our refund (due Sept. 5th). Had to write this after being treated rudely and unprofessionally by them. STAY FAR AWAY!

  • Donna Tallman


    6305 Se Powell Blvd
    Portland, OR 97206
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    Donna Tallman has been my local insurance agent for 15+ years and my wife agent for 20+.
    I interact with Donna several times a year about my home and auto policies and always found her courteous, knowledgeable, helpful, and ethical.
    I would recommend Donna to anyone who needs a local insurance agent.

    I have no experience with Donna as a hedge trimmer as reported unfavorably by another reviewer here on Citysearch. Not sure what hedge trimming has to do with being an insurance agent but everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    In Jan. 2010 I had taken in a devastated 16 yr old girl, whose mother told her she had to get out. By April she was in school and wanted to earn some money. I told her she could trim the back hedge that was very shaggy. In between clients I went out & checked on her. She was doing fine. But then I went out and she had cut a 4 ft section across the fense line. I was very unhappy with her. Later I apologized to the lady who came into my office. I can understand her anger. It looks better now(6/2011), but should not have happened.

  • Freeman Insurance Financial Services


    5927 Se 86th Ave
    Portland, OR 97266
    Visit Agent Website


    Great people to do insurance with. Honest and they work for you

  • George Flesuras Insurance Agency


    4108 Ne Fremont St
    Portland, OR 97212
    Visit Agent Website


    George is the kind of insurance agent that every driver wants. He knows me, when I call. His secretary is Barbara, and she has always been willing to answer any questions. They both do as they say. If they say something will be on or off the next bill... I can hang up the phone and know it will be. I can check on a discount, or ask about a new situation. If I get the answering machine, I can leave the reason for my call on the message, and its resolved by the time they return my call. Generally returning the call with two hours or less! My dad even said he has called George at his home number, and was able to get ins. information over the phone, at the moment.
    Had an accident? George's office gets you to the right person, if he can't get the repair done himself. From there, State Farm handles everything quickly, honestly, and as the most trustworthy way I have experienced. I have had experience with insurance companies other than state farm (other drivers from incidents and accidents)... noone compares to state farm and George Flesuras' office!!

  • Gus Nadelhoffer


    4848 Sw Scholls Ferry Rd
    Portland, OR 97225
    Visit Agent Website


    this is Gus Nadelhoffer's State Farm office and they are great to deal with. If my wife or I have a question about something, they take the time to explain it in as much detail as we need to actually understand what they are talking about so that we feel comfortable and are satisfied. All the staff at the office are knowledgable and very happy to help, they treat you like you are the most important customer they have even when we just had our auto insurance starting out. We have been with Gus's office many years now and we trust them with all our insurance, I am actually amazed at all the different types of insurance they offer, I thought they just did auto and coverage for the house, but they are able to do just about everything. My wife likes that the office is local and that if there is a problem she does not have to deal with an 800 number to who knows where and then can't understand half of what they are saying. Their rates are not the lowest I have ever seen, but after 25 years I am amazed that the rates are still very good overall and having a great agent and service is well worth a little more to me. I refer people all the time to call Gus for a quote since I know from experience they are going to be happy with the results and will have the peace of mind and can sleep well at night with one less thing to worry about.

  • H Q La


    2858 Ne Sandy Blvd
    Portland, OR 97232
    Visit Agent Website


    Best service and value for the money.

  • Keelson Partners


    1220 Sw Morrison St Ste 400
    Portland, OR 97205
    Visit Agent Website


    Have had insurance with Keelson since the 1980s. I am your typical insurance premium paying stooge. Multiple thousands upon thousand over the years.

    I just suffered my first loss two months ago via break-in/theft. Under $15k in losses.

    Do you think if you pay premiums for 20+ years and when you suffer your very first marginal loss/claim that you should get paid? Well if you said yes you may want to shop somewhere else.

    If you want to get no help from your agent while the underlying insurance company stonewalls you, then climb on board the Keelson train.

  • Kristl Oliver


    8110 Sw Beav-hills Hwy
    Portland, OR 97225
    Visit Agent Website


    It feels good to know that my things are insured, but it feels even better knowing that the people handling my policy really care about me. The ladies here will go above and beyond to make sure I'm getting the most for my money. They went out of their way to get me a discount for having sprinklers in my apartment--I didn't even ask for that! Not to mention the little things, like calling to wish me a happy birthday. What insurance company does that? If you want personal attention from real people who really care, give Kristl a call!

    Kristl understand swhat customer service is. She gives us personal attention, shows us that she understands our insurance needs and she is proactive in offering us the best products at the best price as the market changes. We love her!

  • Leonard Adams Company


    5201 Sw Westgate Dr Ste 300
    Portland, OR 97221
    Visit Agent Website


    Pam Rush saved me over a third on my business premiums from my other provider.

  • Nick Antonov


    7528 Se Fo
    Portland, OR 97206
    Visit Agent Website


    I have been with Antonov Insurance Agency since 2007 for my business needs, and I have nothing but good things to say. I am a general contractor and requests for certificates and other documents are always taken care of within 1-2 days. Their insurance coverage and pricing is very competitive . I can always contact my agent via phone or email and get a reply within the hour or that same day. Over the past five years I have built a good relationship with this company and would recommend their service.

    First time I came in their office and asked for an insurance quote, they showed me a blank piece of paper with just typed one amount I would paying for the year. No description on what I am getting coverage for, or any kind of policy. And was asked right then, "can I get your credit card to pay for this." I asked to see the policy before I pay anything and their response was, " you have to pay first and then I can print the policy."
    My cousin had the same problem with them where they say they called, faxed, emailed, or anything els for that matter and days later he found out nothing was ever done like promised.
    Terrible service. Un-trained and unprofessional agents.

  • Northrup Corporation


    621 Sw Morrison St Ste 300
    Portland, OR 97205
    Visit Agent Website


    Our entire family has used the Northrup Corp for all our insurance needs for the last 20 years or so - both California and Oregon residents. They have been ""beyond wonderful"" in a number of crisis (for us) situations and have taken the worry and stress out of our complications. Pete Northrup and Kendyl Cox help us no matter what the day or time - always a calm demeanor and postive outlook. They also help our business clients and have won their praise and loyalty as well. We cannot recommend them more highly.

    Poor customer service, They left me out in the cold. Terrible experience, I never resolved missues with them. They just dont care

  • Pete Zavos


    8305 Se Monterey Ave Ste 102
    Portland, OR 97086
    Visit Agent Website


    I've been a customer of State Farm for 20 years, but they aren't on the top of my list anymore. I was quoted $30 less per month on my car insurance premium by my husband's insurance company, so I called to cancel my policy. The receptionist said, ""okay it's cancelled"" -- didn't bother to even ask why I cancelled (which, by the way, made me REALLY feel like I didn't matter after being a customer for 20 years), and she didn't tell me when I could expect to receive notification of the cancellation. I called them 8 days later because I didn't receive anything in the mail to confirm my cancellation (since it's a local agent, I thought I'd hear something pretty quickly -- funny, when I signed up for insurance on my new vehicle, I received everything in the mail within 2 days). I left a voicemail message and provided a callback number. I never received a return call. I called back again today, 12 days after cancelling my policy, because I received a ""Notice of Payment Due"" that was prepared March 13th. The receptionist was curt and said ""your policy is cancelled"". I asked if there was some type of cancellation number, and she said no. She told me again that everything was cancelled, as if I was stupid. She couldn't tell me when I'd receive something in the mail, just that I would. So, now I get the pleasure of contacting my bank to let them know that any charges from State Farm are unauthorized, to make sure that the premium doesn't get deducted. And, State Farm doesn't have a main office to call to confirm that local agents are communicating with the Insurance Support Centers (who issue the bills), so there is no way for me to talk to someone who might be more helpful. Overall, this experience has been extremely disappointing. And, obviously has prompted me to write this review for any interested parties to read.

  • Raleigh Hills Insurance Agency


    4475 Sw Scholls Ferry Rd Ste 254
    Portland, OR 97225
    Visit Agent Website


    Dr. Tuttle's expert chiropractic care, as well as his warmth, compassion and good humor, have seen me through more than one injury to renewed flexibility, strength and comfort.

    I had car accident last March,and I had been treated Dr.Tuttle. He was very caring and his treatment was very effective. My Shoulder pain improved dramatically and back pain is completly gone! I recommen him to everyone specially to who experience motor vehicle accident.

  • Rich Ulring


    1513 Sw Marlow Ave
    Portland, OR 97225
    Visit Agent Website


    Helpful folks

  • Roland Havens Insurance Agency


    6720 Ne Glisan St
    Portland, OR 97213
    Visit Agent Website


    Friendly, helpful service. Good prices too

  • Rose City Associates


    10011 Se Division St Ste 308
    Portland, OR 97266
    Visit Agent Website


    Took time to explain my proir insurance on what it covered and did not. Explain my new insurance so I could understand what I was getting. It was great to deal with a local agent not someone on the phone miles away. Also some of the money stays in the community.

  • Stamm Stuart Bybee


    16455 Se Division St
    Portland, OR 97236
    Visit Agent Website


    I am new to the area and wanted an insurance agent who could handle all my needs, auto, homeowners, health, and even my home base business. I am way too busy to have to deal with different companies, let alone trying to remember what insurance is with who. Besides they gave me a discount on my premium by placing everything with them! They're website is great and easy to use, I can pay my premium and send them an email too!

  • Aaa Insurance
  • Aaron Rian
  • Adriana Mcculloch
  • Ai B Nguyen
  • Ain Mutual Insurance Agency
  • Al Parent
  • Alan Hrabal
  • Alexander Nguyen
  • Alfred J Davis Company
  • All American Insurance
  • Allen & Associates Insurance
  • American Benefits
  • Amigos Aseguranzas
  • Anchor Insurance & Surety
  • Andrew Marcus Insurance Agency
  • Andrews Agency
  • Andy Ramos
  • Anthony Han
  • Anthony P Armstrong
  • Aon Risk Services
  • Arnold Bruce & Doerfler
  • Arren K Flori
  • Art Phromsivarak
  • Art Valverde
  • Arthur Hiatt
  • Asher Insurance Service
  • Atkinson Insurance Group
  • Barbara J Mcginness
  • Barnes & Reynolds Insurance
  • Bell-anderson Agency
  • Ben Phegley Insurance Agency
  • Best Buy Insurance
  • Bieker Agency
  • Bill Johnston
  • Bill Mclaughlin
  • Bill Northfield
  • Bob Stirling
  • Bob Taylor
  • Bolliger & Sons
  • Bradley A Stout
  • Brian Mckenzie Insurance Agency
  • Brian W Harvey
  • Brooke Agency - Bob Spruill
  • Brooke Agency - Bob Spruill
  • Brooke Agency - Bob Spruill
  • Buck Chapman
  • Budget Insurance
  • C A Tomassene & Son
  • C U Insurance Agency
  • Casey Giddings
  • Chad Pasley
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  • Corey Kaster
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  • Stacey Shamblin
  • Meagan Steff
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  • Lucille Pech
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  • Colin Moros
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  • Helen Primiano
  • Darrell Krawczyk
  • Zayne Dalling
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  • Zachary Clapper
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  • Natalie Serie
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  • Katie Feng
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  • Eva Nair
  • Corbin Hauri
  • Cassandra Ostrom
  • Machell Bundrant
  • Lori Smelser
  • Ibrahim Burness
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  • Ismael Athans
  • Steven Mayen
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  • Judith Leamons
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  • Audrey Fredenburg
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  • Geoffrey Kinner
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  • Deanna Ostos
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  • Susana Coriano
  • Eva Kahl
  • Jo Haith
  • Harry Sulecki
  • Helen Jameson
  • Alfred Abdelhamid
  • Ebony Hieb
  • Ruth Passer
  • Philip Vandermey
  • Wesley Ramel
  • Isaac Terwilliger
  • Stephanie Lunder
  • Aaron Delerme
  • Philip Castronova
  • Everett Raburn
  • Mandy Gi
  • Brayan Delorbe
  • Lynda Dittmer
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  • Norma Naimoli
  • Bradley Sarkisian
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  • Ricardo Jardim
  • Vickie Zumbach
  • Kristina Numbers
  • Belinda Stander
  • Rosie Shada
  • Rosa Smetak
  • Marissa Jaecks
  • Alejandro Digiuseppe
  • Mario Losier
  • Mia Goldfine
  • Rodney Kolter
  • Sue Lavoie
  • Thomas Jervey
  • Lynn Waag
  • Joyce Munis
  • Casey Dallmann

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Swapping your high heels for a pair of driving shoes can help you qualify for cheap car insurance by avoiding accidents and getting "safer driver" discounts.

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It is easier to get cheap car insurance with a car that has high safety rating than one without one.

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When you are looking for cheap car insurance, ask if the insurance company offers a policy where they forgive the first accident.

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