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The Dodge Charger is on its seventh generation of production since first being introduced in 1966. Some people may wonder, “Is a Dodge Charger considered a sports car?” The answer is yes — though it’s different from other sports cars for one major reason. Originally released as a two-door coupe, the Dodge Charger is now a sedan with four doors, bringing about a design that manages to be family-friendly while still maintaining its sportiness and exciting performance

How much does Dodge Charger insurance cost? Several factors go into how insurance companies determine the insurance rates for a Dodge Charger, including which state you live in. Greater coverage means greater cost to you from insurance companies, but the cost can also be further influenced by the particular Charger being insured as well as who will be driving it. Here are a few of the vehicle factors insurance companies consider when issuing quotes:

  • Age — The model year of a Dodge Charger can influence how much it will cost to get insurance coverage from most companies.
  • Trim and extra features — While enhancing the appearance and performance of a Charger can make it more enjoyable to drive, it can also drive up the cost of insurance coverage. The nicest cars aren’t going to have the cheapest insurance.
  • Safety ratings — Because it’s still technically a muscle car, a Dodge Charger can cost more to insure with good coverage than other sedans. However, its positive safety ratings can help keep costs lower than they would be for other muscle cars.





  • $138A
  • $117B
  • $121C
  • $99D
  • $161E
  • $102F
  • $147G
  • $128H
  • $159I
  • $111J
  • $172K
  • $126 -L
  • $95M
  • $97N
  • $90O
  • $82P
  • $113Q
  • $138R
  • $200S
  • $74T
  • $124U
  • $148V
  • $199W
  • $108X
  • $111Y
  • $137Z
  • $151a
  • $107b
  • $108c
  • - $91d
  • - $140e
  • $110f
  • $111g
  • $90h
  • $124i
  • $90j
  • $166k
  • $107l
  • $129m
  • $142n
  • $102o
  • $108p
  • $113q
  • $123r
  • $134s
  • $104t
  • $91 - u
  • $145w
  • $104x
  • $121y
  • $0 -$40
  • $41-$80
  • $81-$120
  • $121-$160
  • $161-$200

Average Monthly Premium Compared to All Other Vehicles

Ford Edge SE
4 Door 2WD Utility
Mercedes CL600
2 Door Coupe


These are actual average rates for all 50 states. The state with the cheapest average rates for this vehicle is Maine at $74, and the state with the most expensive rates is at $. The overall average is $149.

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This data is compiled from public insurance state fillings and includes the top 5 carriers, and samples a typical, middle-aged male driver.

Source: Quadrant
Dodge Charger


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