Mini is operated under BMW and specializes in compact cars. In 1999, Mini was voted the second most influential car of the 20th century after Ford’s Model T.

The Mini concept came about as England was suffering from high fuel prices due to the Suez Crisis in 1957. As such, England manufacturers wanted to develop a car that was small and more fuel-efficient.

Mini was first manufactured by the British Motor Corp. (BMC) from 1959 to 2000 as a line of small British cars. Designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, Jack Daniels, Chris Kingham, two engineering students and four draughtsmen, Mini was first created under the name Amalgamated Drawing Office project number 15 (ADO15).

The first Mini was launched in 1959 with innovations such as turning the engine sideways to help the car make sharp turns more easily and create more space for passengers.

Throughout the 1960s, Mini was a cultural phenomenon in Britain. In 1969, Mini was marketed under its own name, as it was previously sold under BMC’s two brand names, Austin and Morris. In addition, in 1966, Mini became a part of British Motor Holdings.

Throughout the decades, Mini has released different models to different markets, such as the Wolseley Hornet, Austin Mini Countryman, Mini Cooper and the Mini Van.

By 1977, Mini had become an international hit, with more than 4 million cars sold around the world. However, Mini did withdraw from the U.S. market in 1968 because it couldn’t meet the safety and emission regulations.

In 2000, BMW acquired the Mini brand by buying out the remains of the BMC and Rover Group.

From 1969 until 2000, 5.3 million Minis were sold in Britain, making it the most popular British car of all time. Today, Mini’s biggest national market is in the United States with 66,000 vehicles sold in 2012.

Mini Manufacturing plants are located in the United Kingdom, India, Hungary and Thailand. Popular models include: Mini Hardtop, Mini Cooper S, Mini Countryman, Mini Clubman, Mini Convertible and Mini John Cooper Works.

Additionally, there are more than 120 Mini-based kit cars where customers and businesses can customize their own vehicles.

Mini vehicles, such as the Mini Cooper S were involved in the Monte Carlo Rally, winning in 1964, 1965 and 1967. Also, Mini had a prominent role in the 2003 film, “The Italian Job” with Cooper Hatch R53 models in chili red, electric blue and pepper white appearing in the film.

Awards for Mini include the “European Car of the Century” in 1999 by Global Automotive Elections Foundation and “Car of the Century” by Autocar Magazine in 1995.



  • $132A
  • $116B
  • $140C
  • $108D
  • $144E
  • $100F
  • $160G
  • $126H
  • $158I
  • $109J
  • $226K
  • $125 -L
  • $98M
  • $101N
  • $87O
  • $81P
  • $109Q
  • $154R
  • $197S
  • $73T
  • $136U
  • $135V
  • $218W
  • $129X
  • $108Y
  • $142Z
  • $157a
  • $121b
  • $121c
  • - $99d
  • - $139e
  • $114f
  • $109g
  • $89h
  • $112i
  • $88j
  • $169k
  • $113l
  • $143m
  • $138n
  • $100o
  • $124p
  • $130q
  • $126r
  • $129s
  • $103t
  • $106 - u
  • $146w
  • $99x
  • $118y
  • $0 -$60
  • $61-$120
  • $121-$180
  • $181-$240
  • $241-$300

Average Monthly Premium Compared to All Other Vehicles

Ford Edge SE
4 Door 2WD Utility
Mercedes CL600
2 Door Coupe


These are actual average rates for all 50 states. The state with the cheapest average rates for this vehicle is Maine at $73, and the state with the most expensive rates is at $. The overall average is $126.

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This data is compiled from public insurance state fillings and includes the top 5 carriers, and samples a typical, middle-aged male driver.

Source: Quadrant
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