Resources for Car Donation

After driving a car for several years, there comes a time when we have to admit that perhaps it’s time for our trusty old vehicles to head to the junk yard. While this is an option that many people choose, there is actually a much better alternative: car donation. There are plenty of charities and non-profit groups that accept car donations. They either repair the cars and give it to families in need, or sell the parts and use the money to fund vital programs. What’s in it for the owner? Plenty, actually! Most car donation programs offer a free pick-up service. The donation is usually also eligible for a tax deduction. As if that weren’t enough, this simple act goes a long way towards helping the environment and reducing waste. Essentially, everyone benefits! Read on to learn more about how and why you should donate a car.

General Information

  • Questions About Car Donations – Read some commonly asked questions regarding how to donate a car.

  • Success Stories – Hear directly from recipients about how a car donation helped to change their lives.

  • Make a Difference – See how a car donation can positively impact lives as well as the environment.

  • Tips for Donating – Find out how to ensure that an organization is trustworthy before donating your car to them.

  • Before Donating – It is a good idea to learn about an organizations car donation program fully before committing.

  • Benefits of Donating – Review some of the top advantages of donating a car to charity.

  • Environmental Advantages – Donating a car helps to protect the environment in a number of ways.

  • Car Donation Guide – Learn how to donate your car properly in ten easy steps.

  • Donating Tips – There are several aspects to take care of, such as documenting the condition of the car, before donating.

  • Car Donation Checklist – Make sure to follow this guide to ensure your donation is done properly.

Tax Information

  • Deductions – Car owners can receive a tax receipt when they donate a used vehicle.

  • Filing Taxes – Cars of a certain value are usually eligible to be claimed as a tax deduction.

  • Donation Tax Laws – Learn how tax laws apply to all types of car donations.

  • Tax Benefits – Read about all the tax benefits that car donors can claim.

Car Donation Programs

  • Donate A Car – Donate a car, request a free pick-up service, and specify the charity to donate to.

  • Cars for Homes – Habitat for Humanity accepts donated vehicles to help raise funds to build more homes.

  • Make a Wish – The Make a Wish Foundation sells donated cars and car parts and use the proceeds to grant children’s wishes.

  • Vehicles for Veterans – Donating a car can also help disabled veterans of our country to lead a better life.

  • Wheels 4 Hope – Wheels 4 Hope is a non-profit organization that provides donated cars to families in need, or sells them to raise funding.

  • Cars 4 Causes – A central organization accepts car donations in order to support a number of different charities and groups nationwide.

  • Purple Heart Cars – By donating a used car, donors help to fund programs that support wounded soldiers and their families.

  • 1 800 Car Donations – This charity group uses funding from car donations to run support programs for children in struggling families.

  • Kidney Cars – Funds from donated cars are used by the Kidney Foundation for important services, research, and education.

  • Salvation Army Car Donation – Help The Salvation Army maintain their rehabilitation programs by donating a used car.

Charitable Organizations

  • ASPCA – The ASPCA fights cruelty to animals, rescues injured and unwanted pets and arranges foster care.

  • American Red Cross – Respected internationally, the Red Cross delivers emergency aid and care to victims of all kinds.

  • American Cancer Society – As cancer continues to cause countless deaths each day, the ACS is fundamental in helping to reduce risks through research, support, and treatment.

  • Teach For America – TFA, a non-profit group, brings educational opportunity to impoverished American communities.

  • Children’s Literacy Initiative – Reducing literacy gaps and improving education standards are at the forefront of the CLI’s mission.

  • Doctors Without Borders – This global non-profit organization delivers assistance to sufferers of natural disasters, war, and lack of health care, regardless of any political boundaries.

  • UNICEF USA – UNICEF provides care and relief for children through numerous projects that include health care, education, nutrition, and emergency assistance.

  • Lance Armstrong Foundation – Named for the cycling medalist and cancer survivor, the LAF provides information, research, and tools to help those fighting cancer.

  • National Breast Cancer Foundation – The NBCF raises awareness of breast cancer and constantly hosts public fundraising events to support cancer research.

  • Rotary Foundation – A not-for-profit seeking to advance goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the alleviation of poverty, and the support of education.

  • PATH – PATH is a global non-profit group that works towards implementing sustainable ways of improving life standards in impoverished countries.

  • The Conservation Fund – Operating nationwide, TCF is active in environmental conservation.

  • Friends of the Earth – FOE seeks to implement positive changes to the environment and communities by speaking out to policy makers and the media.

  • American Kidney Fund – Through public donations, the AKF provides assistance, support, and education related to kidney disease and dialysis.

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