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Save 40% by Increasing Your Car Insurance Deductible

And still get the coverage you need.

On average, simply changing your car insurance deductible from $200, up to $1,000 will save you 40% per year according to the Insurance Information Institute. But what’s the drawback to such an amazing thing you ask? Well, if you get into a small accident, reporting it won’t do much for you other than increase your insurance premiums. But for a accident with high repair costs, you will have to pay more towards that deductible.
But the chances of you causing an accident are definitely low enough to off-set the savings. Remember that any and all services or add-ons you buy from an insurance company are designed to make them money. So most consumers are probably better off pocketing the savings.
Now all you need to do is take that extra 40% savings and start putting it away for a rainy day, so that when your car slides into another car due to the wet pavement, you will have enough to pay your deductible. So now you are paying yourself, and it gets even better because you are probably also earning interest on your new-found savings. Remember though to keep this money earmarked for such an occasion.

Please provide a valid zip code.