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Study finds that GDL laws need to be enacted in all 50 states

Every parent is nervous when their teenager gets their drivers license. Now a new study has found that if each of the fifty states enacted the graduate driver licensing then teens would be safer when on the road and money would be saved.

This is a program where teens get a graduated license until they turn 18 and get a normal driver’s license. The GDL license has restrictions such as teens not being able to drive after certain night time hours. It also puts a limit on the number of passengers under 25 that they can have in the vehicle when they are behind the wheel.

Tens of thousands of teens die each year in car accidents. This is also the number one killer of teens so something needs to be done to rectify the problem.

Some people have stated that these restrictions discriminate against teens because they have passed a driver’s license exam like everyone else. Others say that it will put a hardship on parents if they have to go out and pick up their teen aged child during the night time hours.

It is important to keep a few things in mind. Drivers under 18 are still considered minors so putting driving restrictions on them is a safe guard. These teens are not adults and often act erratically when they are behind the wheel.

The study found that more than 2,000 lives would be saved by changing GDL laws and it would save insurance companies and policy holders more than $13.6 billion. Parents need to take more responsibility and not just hand over the keys on the day that their teen gets their license. If your teen is irresponsible and exhibits bad driving behavior then take away the keys indefinitely because you could save your child’s life and someone else’s.

Teens often become unfocused when driving with passengers. They are talking to their friends, maybe texting on their phone, and listening to the radio at the same time. It only takes one split second to cause a car accident and teens need to understand risk and consequence.

Teen drivers need to take driving more seriously. Parents should spend at least six months to one year training their child on the ins and outs of driving in all types of weather and visibility. Put off allowing your child to get their license until age 18 if you feel they are unready for the road. Hopefully, the GDL laws will change so that more teens can be saved every year.