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Teen Drivers: Laws in all states

The official 2010 update for the new driving rules, and regulations involving teen laws in all states, as been posted. This law is called, “Graduating Licensing Law”, which primarily focuses on teen safety. These laws have been set up to implement safety boundaries for the young and inexperienced, teen driver. Studies have shown that teen drivers have the most accidents, which usually leads to serious injuries or worse, fatality. These laws will ensure that the teen drivers are educated and prepared for the open road. Although, this program has not (yet) been implemented in all 50 states, efforts to overturn that decision, is in the making.

License restrictions are one way that state agencies and insurance companies are maintaining a handle on the situation. They have designed this system in an on-going effort to reduce the risk of teen drivers endangered on the highway. Therefore, young teen drivers are not exempt from complying with the law in regards to maintaining insurance. They are required to have the same coverage as a fully unrestricted adult driver. They need to have full coverage, liability, and personal injury protection insurance in place, before they are allowed to operate a motor vehicle.

Even though, each state requirement is different, but across the globe the basics are the same. Ensuring that all teens are educated and supervised will aid the teen to develop into safe highway drivers. Like the unrestricted adult drivers, teens who do not adhere to state laws, concerning the importance of maintaining proper insurance, will have their license suspended, until they have complied with state requirements. Once the young teen drivers have complied fully they can then have their driver’s license reinstated. They must show proof that they have satisfactory completed the necessary requirements to receive their license again.

Teen drivers are young inexperienced drivers who have no highway experience. Most teens get their drivers (learners) permit at the age of 16. The driver has yet to practice safe driving under the strict supervision of parental guidance. When parents take imitative and teens are held accountable it becomes a win, win, situation for everyone involved. The key to safe teen driving is educating our young teens on becoming safe drivers.