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Texting While Driving Will Increase Your Car Insurance Premiums

Many people text message while driving even though they should not and in some cases it is against the law. The problem with most drivers is that they overestimate their reaction time and driving skills. It is hard to pay attention to the road in front of you when you are using a mobile phone at the same time.
When a person becomes distracted for even a split second behind the wheel they become a hazard because accidents can occur. Now the act can impact your car insurance rates. A citation for texting while driving can increase your car insurance rates. Many car insurance companies are able to get information on these offenses because they are considered to be moving violations.
Statistics have found that more than three thousand people die each year because they were text messaging at the time of an accident or were involved in an accident caused by a driver who was texting. These senseless deaths are preventable if people take more responsibility for their actions.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has reported that people who text while driving are 23 times more likely to become involved in a collision. This means that breaking the law and texting while driving could hurt you financially. Car insurance companies look for driving patterns when they assess risk. If a driver is getting caught texting while driving then they increase their risk.
In some situations, texting while driving can lead to catastrophic accidents. One man sent and received more than 100 texts in an hour and a half. He veered head on into traffic and caused an accident that ended up taking two lives and seriously injuring his.
The reason that many states have banned texting while driving is because they know that the act causes accidents so people who are caught by police committing the violation will look more irresponsible. A majority of offenders are not caught because it can be hard to spot someone who is texting while driving unless they are stopped at a stop light. Most people just keep their phone next to them on the seat or in the console so it can be hard to see exactly what they are doing until it is too late.
The recession has hit many people hard financially so a great way to keep your car insurance premiums low is to follow the driving laws and not get any tickets. Life is short and people need to focus more on personal responsibility.