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25 Tips for Finding Cheap Car Insurance


We originally started out with the 3 best ways to get cheap car insurance however our customers wanted to know even more ways. So we have compiled a list of 25 ways to get cheap car insurance below.

1. Comparison Shop

Finding the most affordable car insurance isn’t as hard as it once was. With so many different car insurance agents located all around the country, and some available exclusively online, your options are now more plentiful than ever before. The hard part is sorting them out in order to make sure you are getting the most affordable rates while still maintaining the exact amount of coverage you need.

The first thing you should do when looking for cheap car insurance is comparison shop. Consult your area’s local phone book, call or visit agencies near you, and remember to take notes regarding prices.
Next you’ll want to do some online research to find out your online car insurance options. Again, take notes and compare these to the notes you have concerning local agents.
Finally, ask your friends and family members what insurer they use, and ask for any recommendations or warnings they may have about other agencies. You’re sure to receive an unbiased opinion every time.

2. Age-Based Discounts
Many younger drivers may not realize this, but your age is an important factor in setting the exact price of your auto insurance premium. You’ll typically see premiums lowered once you hit the age of 25, with discounts that can sometimes be as high as 20%, though other factors such as marital status and driving record are also taken into consideration.
The lowest premiums associated with cheap car insurance rates are typically given to drivers between the ages of 25 and 55. This age group is considered to be amongst the safest drivers on the road; certainly safer than teenagers and elderly drivers.
3. Move to a Lower-Crime Area.

The location of your home as well as your daily commute to the workplace is also taken into consideration by insurance agents when determining your car insurance premiums. This is a factor for a number of good reasons.
Individuals who live and park their car in wealthy neighborhoods are statistically less likely to have their car stolen, broken into, or damaged while it is parked overnight. Secondly, those who have shorter commutes to and from work are statistically less likely to be involved in an accident as they spend less time on the road than drivers with longer commutes.
4. Consider Getting a Different Vehicle if Savings Warrant it

Did you know that insurance on a honda can be more expensive than insurance on a Jaguar?
The exact make and specific model of your vehicle is also used to determine how much you pay for cheap car insurance. This information is important to your insurance agent for a number of reasons.
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The newer the car, the higher the repair/replacement cost.
On the other hand,  some vehicles are simply more reliable than others. A used vehicle that’s been on the road for 20 years is not nearly as reliable as a brand new car. Though it may be more affordable to buy the older, used car, you may wind up paying higher insurance rates because of it.
Owners of sports cars and luxury vehicles can also expect higher premiums than most other drivers.
5. Increasing Your Deductible Can Save You $100’s a Year

A deductible is the amount of money you are actually required to pay out in the event of an accident before your insurer will pay out on your claim. The amount of your deductible is also one of the biggest factors in determining your auto insurance premiums. In fact, the larger this deductible is, the less you’ll have to pay for coverage on a month-to-month basis.
Most drivers don’t realize this, but most agents will actually allow you to raise the deductible amount in order to lower your monthly rates. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance then this is a good deal for you; especially if you have a clean driving record as you may not ever have to actually pay this deductible.
6. Consolidate Your Policies With One Company

If you currently have multiple insurance policies through several different companies then you may be able to consolidate them so you just have to deal with one insurance agent. For example, many individuals have separate policies on their house, their car, and maybe even a boat or recreational vehicle.
Combining all of these separate policies into one, or at least choosing one company to handle all of your policies, can eliminate a number of hassles. It can also lower the amount of money you pay each month for insurance all around.
7. Check For Multiple Vehicle Discounts

Many individuals own multiple cars, and most of these owners keep insurance on all of their vehicles year round. Others may own seasonal cars, show cars, or other vehicles that are only brought out on rare occasions.
If you own multiple vehicles for whatever reason, you can consolidate them all onto one insurance policy when looking for cheap car insurance. The benefits of this include less paper mail being sent to your house as well as a reduction in your insurance premiums each month.
Multiple drivers can also be added to an insurance policy, allowing you to further reduce your auto insurance premiums.
8. Stay Loyal
Loyalty means a lot in any business, and the car insurance business is no different. In fact, many affordable auto insurance companies are now offering reduced premiums as a way of rewarding some of their most loyal customers.
When looking for cheap car insurance, agent loyalty can be your best friend. Once you find an insurance company that offers the amount of coverage you need for the right price, develop a relationship with them.
Loyalty also relates to making your payments on time. Paying your premiums on or before the due date every single month will help you avoid late fees and additional fines or charges.
9. Get Liability Only if Your Car is Older

Most drivers automatically opt for full coverage on their vehicles when in reality, not every one of us needs full coverage. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, try to find a policy that covers only the areas you need and nothing more.
If you already have full coverage insurance, it’s never too late to ask your agent for a decrease in coverage. Towing fees and rental car fees that are covered by a policy may sound good, but if you have a second car then you might not ever need to use a rental car. Furthermore, some individuals may hold memberships elsewhere that grant them access to reduced towing or automobile service charges.
10. Get Storage Insurance if Your Not Driving a Vehicle Year Round

If your vehicle is used as a seasonal vehicle or a show vehicle you may not require full insurance year round. For vehicles that are put in storage for any amount of time, storage insurance is your best option for cheap car insurance.
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Note that this type of insurance is not legal for driving on, though it will pay out in the event your vehicle is damaged during storage. Depending on the exact make and model of the car in question, and depending on the type of damage that has been done, repairing the vehicle without insurance may end up costing you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses.
11. Improve and Fix your Credit Score

Your credit score affects many different things in your life, not the least of which is your auto insurance rates. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, one of the best things you can do is clean up your credit score; it may be costing you thousands of dollars annually on your car insurance payments.
Keep your credit score clean by paying bills on time, paying back loans on time, and avoiding maxing out your credit cards. Bounced checks and bank overdrafts can also hurt your credit score, not to mention your pocketbook as well.
12. Clean Your Driving Record

Maintaining a clean driving record is the key to getting dirt cheap car insurance from your agent. Your first accident alone may result in as much as a 40% increase on your monthly premium, so driving carefully while on the roadways really can help keep your auto insurance as affordable as possible.
Most auto insurance companies offer a discount for safe drivers, though the exact definition and criteria of “safe” driving and a “clean” driving record will likely vary from agent to agent and company to company. Remember that agents aren’t likely to bring this discount up on their own, so don’t be afraid to ask them about it as long as you feel you have the clean driving record to back it up.
13. Vehicle Safety Issues

The safety of your vehicle will also be taken into consideration by your agent when you are trying to get cheap car insurance. The technology and features seen in newer vehicles make them far safer than older vehicles, so you can get a start on lowering your premiums either by having updated safety features professionally installed into an outdated vehicle, or simply by purchasing a more recent car.
Things to look for when taking vehicle safety into mind include automatic seatbelts, as this feature almost guarantees that both the driver and passenger will be wearing their belts at all time, and both driver-side and passenger-side airbags.
Airbags in the rear seats of the vehicle can also help to improve the safety rating of your car, thereby lowering your monthly car insurance rates in the process.
14. Get a Security Device

Exactly where you park your car at night is a big factor when calculating your auto insurance premiums, but having advanced vehicle security may also be factored in. If your vehicle is already equipped with a modern, functioning alarm system, mention it to your agent; you may be able to get a reduced premium because of it.
If your vehicle doesn’t already have an alarm and you want cheap car insurance, it may be worthwhile to pick up a brand new system and have it installed. Today’s vehicle alarm systems are not nearly as expensive as they used to be, they are quick and easy to install for anyone with common automotive knowledge, and they can save you a lot of money not only on your car insurance, but in case someone tries to break-in to your vehicle as well.
15. Park Off-Street, or Even in a Garage

While vandalism is more obvious in certain parts of the country, there is no doubt that the trend is on the rise throughout the entire country. Unfortunately, one of the top targets for today’s thieves and vandals include cars that are parked out in the open and left unlocked and unattended. They are the easiest targets to hit, and many drivers have trouble finding cheap car insurance because of it.car_garage
If your car is parked in a private garage on your property, however, you are likely to see a sharp decrease in your auto insurance coverage. This is not to say that a garage is a foolproof method of protecting your vehicle or your property, but it can help deter thieves.
Insurance agents know this, and they’re willing to charge you a little bit less if you are able to park in a garage at night. Even a simple carport may help lower your insurance rates; it never hurts to ask.
16. Verify Accuracy on Your Policy

It never hurts to browse through your insurance policy to make sure everything is correct. Make sure you are being given the right amount of coverage and paying the right price for your premiums. You’ll also want to make sure that your personal information is all accurate, as an error here could end up costing you money every month.
If you want cheap car insurance, it is crucial that you take your time and double-check all of your information. If you find any kind of errors, make sure to report these to your insurance agent as soon as possible, preferably immediately. Some of the most common errors include birth date and marital status errors, but these two mistakes are also amongst the most costly. Be certain that this information is accurate in order to receive the absolute best car insurance rates from your insurer.
17. Retirement Discounts

Depending on the exact area in which you reside, retirement typically comes at 55 or 65 years of age. Certain insurance agents offer discounts to retired drivers, and this is done for a variety of reasons.
Firstly, retired drivers usually spend less time on the road than most other drivers. Without a daily commute to and from work, retirees typically put far less mileage on their vehicles than drivers who have to drive to work and home each day.
If you want cheap car insurance and you are 55 years of age or older, don’t be afraid to tell your insurance agent. A retiree discount can make a huge impact on the amount of money you pay each month, but many don’t even realize this. Again, this is a benefit that isn’t typically offered outright by your agent, so you’ll need to ask about it in order to gain the discount.
18. Affiliate Discounts

Nearly every car insurance company offers different discounts based on your personal group affiliation. Like with most other discounts, this one is not usually advertised by your insurance agent. Never be afraid to mention the groups you are a part of and ask your agent if there any discounts available for you.
The most common group affiliations cited to receive discounts on their auto insurance include your work, college or university, military organizations, and many more. No matter how small or unknown the group or organization may seem to you, don’t hesitate to ask about a discount; it could be your ticket to cheap car insurance through the insurer that you already use.
19. Take An Advance Driving Course

Driving classes are offered by a variety of organizations, both public and private. If there are any types of driving classes available through your insurance agent, you may want to consider attending and completing them in order to find cheap car insurance through an existing insurer. If you are unaware of any classes being offered in your area ask your agent; they’ll be glad to help.
Be aware that if you take a class and fail, however, you may end up with an increased insurance rate instead.
20. Get Good Grades & Ask For Student Discounts

Getting good grades is important in school, but it can also help lower your auto insurance premium as well. In fact, if you are looking for cheap car insurance one of the best things you can do is succeed in school.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a teenage driver still in high school and driving under a parent’s policy or a student in college with your own vehicle and insurance, there are usually many discounts available to you for receiving good grades.
21. Drive Less: Walk, Bike, Carpool, Take Public Transportation

The amount of time you spend on the road, as well as the actual mileage you put on your vehicle can also be factored in when determining your cheap car insurance premium as well. If you don’t drive very often and don’t put many miles on your vehicle, then you’re likely to be eligible for a rate reduction.
Like with many of the other methods that can be used to decrease your premium, however, you’re going to have to ask for this discount specifically.
Auto insurance discounts for low mileage are more actually more common than you might think. Insurance companies realize that there’s not as much risk involved with drivers who aren’t on the roads very often, and they’re usually willing to adjust your rates accordingly.
22. Make Larger Payments on Your Premium

You have more control over the specific payment arrangements that are made with your agent than you may think. In fact, you can actually choose to pay off your entire premium, either on a 6 month or yearly basis, and save quite a bit of money in the end.
Of course paying in full isn’t always a viable option in every scenario, and some have no choice but to make monthly payments. Some even struggle to make that.
Many people don’t realize this, but if you are making monthly payments to your insurance company then you’re not getting the cheap car insurance that you should be. Don’t be afraid to ask your agent about paying in full. You’re likely to see a smile on their face as well as receive a good discount on your car insurance.
23. Verify VIN Accuracy

Many drivers don’t know this, but if the VIN (vehicle identification number) of your car is off even by one digit, then you’re probably not receiving the correct auto insurance quotes. The VIN is used to identify your vehicle, and is unique to each specific vehicle. It is also used by law enforcement to positively identify your vehicle in a wreck or if it is stolen. If your VIN is entered incorrectly you might be getting overcharged through absolutely no fault of your own and without even knowing it.
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Being aware of your vehicle’s exact VIN and double-checking its accuracy on your specific policy is something that few drivers do, yet something simple that nearly everybody can benefit from. VINs vary greatly, though all cars manufactured after 1980 feature VIN consisting of 17 characters.
24. Review your Policy for Unnecessary Add-Ons.

Since automobile insurance companies are far more numerous than they were just 10 years ago, some companies have started offering benefits and plans that are aimed at helping the driver. However, many of these packages are added to your normal insurance policy automatically and with your knowledge, and some of them aren’t even worth the amount of extra money you’ll have to pay on your insurance premiums.
Some plans offer to replace your car with a new one of equal value if your car is wrecked in an accident, but this is actually referring to the value of your car at the time of the wreck and not at the time of the original purchase. Factor in depreciation, and you’re looking at recouping only a fraction of what you paid for your car.
25. Go Green!

With global warming and other environmental concerns more publicized than ever before, “green” vehicles are now being pushed as replacements for our modern vehicles that are already on the road. In order to add an increased incentive for purchasing one of these environmentally-friendly vehicles, many car insurance companies are offering lower auto insurance premiums to owners of “green” or environmentally-friendly vehicles.
While the cost of a new vehicle might not be worth the lower premium, if you are in the market for a new car then you may as well buy an energy efficient model. Not only will it help save the environment, but it will also help you find cheap car insurance rates that you might not have had access to otherwise.

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  1. great post

  2. joe bloggs's Gravatarjoe bloggs February 19, 2012

    nothing i didn;t know, insurance is still the greatest scam of the
    west, costing $2500+ for a young driver in UK to get insured. This
    si madness


  4. you think 2500 is bad? Come to Canada where new drivers pay 5000 a

  5. Loyalty pays??? you must be crazy

  6. car insurance's Gravatarcar insurance August 9, 2012

    Thanks for sharing this post…keep the good works going….. car

  7. Onlyoucan's GravatarOnlyoucan August 24, 2012

    The rediculous high cost of insurance is something ALL of us should
    fight against. They rob us legally and ge away with it. They have
    taken only a slight hit in the last four years. The President has
    pushed fro change in the insurance industry. I will never use GEICO
    again. They are lower, but do not want to pay out eveen in if you
    are not at fault. They do not want to pay a small Physical Therapy
    bill. They make you go to a doctor to prove you are hurt after
    getting hospital, doctor and therapy records. Of course their
    doctors say you are not hurt, of course:(

  8. Try paying $5400 on a 2013 ford fusion hybrid. and iam only 18!
    whatever…cant avoid i pay it.

  9. Some good ideas to keep in mind when you shop for insurance,
    thanks! Once the government made car insurance mandatory to legally
    drive they served the consumer’s heads on a silver platter to the
    insurance companies. You can’t tell me that the insurance companies
    don’t conspire to keep the prices as high as possible, why wouldn’t
    they?? Their job is to “sell” you a product the government mandates
    for the highest possible price AND, most importantly, to pay out as
    little as possible on any and all claims. Good luck out there!

  10. don’t take insurance .. period 😉

  11. screw insurance… Looking good isnt the key, drive a $2000 car and
    get partial coverage and save 50%. if you get into a accident your
    deductible is more expensive than your car!!!

  12. Nothing seems to bring down the cost of ins. My car is small, over
    16 yrs old and paid off – it’s only worth $1200 for basic coverage.
    I live in the country outside a small town and only drive 3 or 4
    times a month (@40 mls at most). I tell them I’m on limited income
    and they still want to charge me $1100 or $1200 a yr. It’s a rip

  13. Burnt's GravatarBurnt May 27, 2013

    Try paying almost $800.00 per month for 3 cars and 2 pickup
    trucks!!! Outrageous! My daughter had an accident and they charged
    me a $900.00 surcharge for 6 months! The insurance companies are
    getting away with highway robbery and there is NOTHING we can do
    about it! Using our credit scores to base our insurance prices on
    is also a crock. I have good credit and my rates are still high!
    Cant wait for Obamacare:(

  14. jacky's Gravatarjacky June 2, 2013

    If you have assets to protect and terns that drive an unbrella
    policy is less costly

  15. I agree that this is the biggest scam. Young drivers (and their
    parents) should not be penalized for being under 25 and getting
    into minor accidents. Isn’t that what we pay insurance for? There
    has to be some type of regulation to keep premiums at a reasonable
    rate and I agree that we, the consumers, need to be able to do
    something about this “highway robbery.” How can we become involved
    into forcing these insurance companies to make their rates more

  16. I agree that this is the biggest scam. Young drivers (and their
    parents) should not be penalized for being under 25 and getting
    into minor accidents. Isn’t that what we pay nsurance for? There
    has to be some type of regulation to keep premiums at a reasonable
    rate and I agree that we, the consumers, need to be able to do
    something about this highway robbery.” How can we become involved
    into forcing these insurance companies to make their rates more
    reasonable? regards : Sarkari Naukri

  17. Hi Dave here, the gov needs to step in . I recently tried to get a
    lower car ins quote. I live in ct, have one vehicle, a 2007 ford
    van. My wife and I are both retired, both 62 years old , no
    tickets, no accidents, and have had the same ins co. For 10 years,
    liberty mutual. We pay 1,800 per year. No commuting to work, only
    use vehicle 40 miles a week. Five years ago we lived in Antonia ct
    and played 1,400 per year ( same co. ) now we live 18 miles from
    there in Waterbury ct. We were raised 400.00 more to 1,800 per
    year, because that said the town we live in has a higher theft
    rate. But we have a car alarm that has two kill feature to disable
    the battery, witch makes it impossible to start. So I started
    looking for a better deal. I tried geico, travelers, all state,
    prudential, the Hartford, “the general”, state farm, progressive,
    nation wide, the list go’s on. All have given me quotes, that were
    1/2 to double more then what I’m paying now. Most wanted 1,400 for
    6 month policy, and others that wanted up to 3,200 per year. ” are
    they insane”, I asked why they wanted so much, as we are paying
    much less now and they said I was in a very good policy and they
    couldn’t do better. I asked why they wanted almost double then what
    I’m paying now. And one agent said that we have a low credit score
    , I asked what dose my credit score have to do with my ability to
    drive , the motor vehicle department issues licences to the rich
    and the poor if they pass the test. And that I have had the same
    ins co for the last 10 years and have kept up with payments on
    time. The agent said we had a low score , I told him the we both
    retired 5 years ago and where not using credit cards anymore
    because we are on a budget. He said that ins today is based on
    credit score. So I said you mean if I were rich my car ins would be
    half what it is now?. She said yes, I almost blew my top. She then
    said, (now get this) I’m not supposed to tell you this, but all
    insurance company’s rates are based on two factors, one
    percentages, and two probability. And a person with a low credit
    score, is more apt to file a fraudulent clam. WOW! i couldn’t
    believe what she said. I said are you saying I’m dishonest, and
    because I’m not rich or have a ton of credit cards I’m UN-trust
    worthy, hell making me and others who are low income or on welfare
    pay double for the same coverage that the rich pay 1/2 for is
    crazy. And I said you ins company’s are not taking any chances
    anyways, you take a down payment up front for the first month, and
    if my due date (example) is the 1st of the month and you don’t
    receive it by then, you give 10 day notice and cancel policy. So
    how are you out any money? She said well I didn’t say it’s fair,
    it’s the way we do business. I then asked about the Uninsured
    motorists charges , could I drop it? She said its mandatory for all
    vehicles, and said did you know that over 40% of the drivers in ct
    are driving un-registered, UN-insured, motor vehicles. And said
    that the UN-insured motorist charges are to protect me, what a
    crock of s–t . No I said its to protect your company, why should I
    pay for people that brake the law? It used to be that if you had an
    accident and it was not your fault and the person that hit you was
    UN-insured your ins company would fix your car , and go after the
    other person for reenbersal. So it seems that the ins company’s
    don’t want the castle of taking people to court to get there money
    back , “HUMM 40%” a lot of litigation. So now all the law abiding
    citizens that keep up there ins and do the right thing are paying
    for all those illegals, and the insurance company’s are getting
    back that 40% from the law abiding citizens. So i told the agent
    that the 40% of people that are driving illegally are doing so
    because of your high rates and high credit score demand, people on
    budgets and teenagers can’t afford high insurance, and have little
    or no credit history, what choice do they have but to drive without
    ins ? . You ins company’s have created the problem how do insurance
    company’s think poor and middle income people can afford to pay
    twice as much as the rich? And on top of that pay for the ones that
    don’t pay to?. I Told the agent I was thinking of joining the 40% I
    haven’t been pulled over in meny years and could have saved tens of
    thousands and if I did get caught with UN-registered vehicle, and
    no insurance, I would only have to pay a 500.00 fine one he’ll of a
    savings. Huh I wonder how meny of those illegal immigrants Obama is
    giving licences to will be able to afford the high rates of ins on
    there low income? I guess our UN-insured motorist ins is going to
    go up up up. We need gov control. good luck people demand change,
    or join the ones that are getting away with it.

  18. Car insurance is so expensive – often driven by false or
    exaggerated claims. I am not saying that all people do that, but
    false claims and the cost of the insurance companies to either pay
    or defend against them is what often causes high premiums. My
    insurance is costing so much that I am having to sell my 2nd car,
    so I get it. But I am sure most of the people complaining know
    someone that has falsified a claim which costs everyone!

  19. Insurance protection racketeering are they not the same terms????

  20. Being sarcastic cause you pay for car, health insurance also insurance on things you buy and everytime you habe a claim you spend all your time and effort trying to collect

  21. Nancy Milaro's GravatarNancy Milaro October 1, 2015

    I wish us Americans would banned together and protest these sort of companies that take advantage of us, taking away our retirement money. I worked for 40 years, had some time off while being mom, made enough credits and the ss dept is only giving me 530.00 a month…me no understand??? My car insurance is high, I’ve paid for 2 years Delta Dental and I can’t even get a tooth pulled without paying 100 bucks…WE NEED TO START BANDING TOGETHER AND STOP ALLOWING THE GOVERMENT AGENCIES AND CORPORATIONS ABUSE US!!!

  22. In answer to Dave:
    For most laws in the US, one has to meet some basic rules to be guilty.
    1. There must be INTENT to commit the crime.
    2. One must do the crime
    3. One must be caught doing the crime.
    Normally if any of these requirements are not met, then there is NO CRIME. So this being said, If one does not have the income to pay for insurance due to circumstances not by decision and one can not afford to pay for insurance, then there can be NO INTENT to not have insurance. This means that generally speaking a pleas to the court that you had no job, were on reduced income, unemployable etc and that you had to chose between food and utilities or insurance….creates generally an un-prosecutable situation. You had no intent to violate the law and therefore could not be in violation of the law.
    Many persons plea this before a court and have any registration and insurance violations dropped. Of course you will have to get registered and insured and give copies to the court along with your plea asking for dismissal. You can state that you got a part time temporary job and were able to finally pay them.
    If the court dismisses you are done. They may not dismiss a second time, but without an order of the court not to drive without insurance and registration, they would be hard pressed not to dismiss again and again.
    I agree with those that state insurance is fraud altogether. The companies that actually pay lose less money than those that fight in court. In any state that is “no fault” the rates are generally 35% higher than in other states. In other words you pay for those that cause accidents. Great scam!

  23. So fed up with the insurance rates that seam to be out of control. My rates may be less than other areas but still are way to high! I switched from State Farm when my rates for my wife and two teenage sons exceeded 1,000 for six month policy which for my two teenage boys included 750.00 deductibles for collision damage. No tickets and no accidents. Several years ago my wife and I were paying just under 600 semi annually, now switched to Geico and my rates for my next renewal just went up $100 for what? My one son is a college student and doesn’t even have his car at school? WTF I hate to say it but thinking the goverment needs to get involved and put some caps on insurance and seriously fine the idiots that do drive and don’t have coverage. Seriously I don’t know why us honest people need to foot the bill for all the uninsured. Insurance companies are taking advantage of people like myself breaking our bank accounts to line their own accounts!

  24. All2skitzd's GravatarAll2skitzd January 18, 2016

    I hate the insurance companies as much as anyone but lets not forget some some of the factors that drive the cost up, 1. Shareholders, your lose and they gain, thats corporate america so lets just move on…. 2. Cars cost more to repair, safer, lighter, more airbags brings the total of repairing them up and more likely to be considered a total lose. 3. Medical cost have gone way up. 3. Lawyers, all those setups with fake clinics that have a doctor in them that shows up once or twice a week, clinics where basicly all your getting is a massage, and how they have preset agreements with the clinics and medical staff they use that makes the price go down after its all settled in court or litigation. 4. People that say they are hurt and are not really hurt to get money, being a little sore the next day or two does not need extensive treatment, people that look at a auto accident as there chance at getting a big fat check should look at themselves instead of justifying it by saying stuff like everyone does it because there are still honest people I if your hurt, your hurt, if your not then you should do the right thing or your just adding to the problem. I believe that nothing good comes from that ill gotten money anyways even if it might seem to at first.

  25. Pat Osborne's GravatarPat Osborne May 16, 2016

    If you’d stop giving the government to the party that represents big business, the party that represents people could do something about this rip off. Wake up!

  26. Try Alaska's GravatarTry Alaska March 2, 2017

    We are medically retired, have a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 which we bought new with a whopping 5000 miles on it as of January 2017. Tells you how much we drive. No tickets, no accidents, good credit, own a home, carport, airbags galore, 4wd, alarm system, 2nd car that would be driven less if we could afford to insure it (1990 Jeep Cherokee) so it’s on the policy as temporary suspension, etc., etc., etc. We were taken out of the workforce in our mid-50’s due to work accident. On social security we cannot afford to insure that second car. Why? We live in Anchorage where snow days mean over 100 fender benders each, though rural accidents tend to be fewer but much worse! Mostly rear enders in town. We have been rear ended twice between 2004 and 2007 (both times in the summer as we never drive until roads are plowed and sanded), but have never hit anyone else. It’s ridiculous, and part of it is just liability on the Jeep costs more than full coverage on the truck!!! Insurance in general is an incredible racket! I agree with others. The government needs to control the insurance industry! The industry and the frivolous lawsuit mindset of both people and lawyers are totally out of control!! Add in the pharmaceutical industry and health insurance and life insurance they are charging and insuring us to death to make the top dogs rich by ripping off the middle class and poor. To top it off, medical costs are so high the minimum medpay is WAY too low if you are injured and by the time the case settles you are starting over rebuilding your good credit which has been trashed by medical bills! Something is badly broken in the system and people are so beaten down by it and apathetic we have let ourselves become helpless victims. Time to find a way to fight back!!! I wonder how effective a single month of a coordinated boycott on paying car insurance would be?

  27. Jonny's GravatarJonny May 2, 2017

    I have a clean driving record and no claims and am not a kid. My insurance is cheap but is there if needed. I am glad the insurance companies do not make me pay for the high risk $5000 a year driver.

  28. Ridley Fitzgerald's GravatarRidley Fitzgerald October 11, 2017

    These are some great tips for getting car insurance. I like how you said to get liability insurance if your car is older. It’d be nice to save some money by only getting the coverage we need, and nothing else. Anyway to save money is a good way.


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