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Tips To Help CA Drivers Avoid Becoming Car Theft Victims

California is a state that has had its share of car thefts occur. Many drivers are stunned, angered, and emotional when their vehicles get taken by car thieves. Prevention is key and across many states, the number of car thefts has declined every year for the last few years which shows that times are changing.

Fresno, California is where a majority of cars are stolen in California. This has forced many residents in the state to have to buy comprehensive car insurance coverage to protect their financial investments. Here are some excellent tips to help drivers reduce their chances of being a victim of car theft.

The first tip is to have a car with electric locks. Older vehicles have manual locks which can make it more likely that the car gets broken into. Car thieves know how to easily jimmy the car door locks so that they can steal a vehicle. If you have a car with manual locks, then you may want to trade it in for a newer model of vehicle such as one with remote locks that you can lock even from a distance.

The second tip is to buy a steering wheel lock. A steering wheel lock costs less than fifty dollars and will lock your steering wheel so that thieves cannot steal your vehicle. It is a great investment to make and can give you peace of mind.

The third tip is to not leave any money or personal belongings in your car. Some people think that trunks are very hard to break into but in reality they are not. Many thieves frequent malls and store locations to look for vehicles that have bags or expensive items in them.

The fourth tip is to make sure that your vehicle is in plain sight at all times. Never leave your car in a dimly lit area because it is more likely to be taken by thieves.

The fifth tip is to never lend your car to people. Many people who borrow cars forget to lock them and they wind up being stolen. It is better to be safe than sorry and keep your keys in your pocket at all times.

The sixth and final tip is to consider getting a car alarm installed in your vehicle. This will help to alert you or others to the possibility that someone is trying to steal your vehicle so that they can be stopped.