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Amazingly Weird State Driving Laws That Still Exist

America for the most part is a pretty awesome place. We’ve got apple pie, football, and Britney Spears. Yes, America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and land of weird traffic laws? True dat. Believe it or not, the U.S. has some oddly archaic traffic laws, many of which made sense at the time but no longer apply. Other laws just defy any sort of common sense, making you wonder what people in 1938 were smoking. Regardless, if you’re planning that cross-country adventure or you happen to live in one of the states we’re calling out, you might want to pay close attention.
Ever want to pull a Stevie Wonder and drive while you can’t see? Sure we’ve all thought of driving with blindfolds on, but alas in Alabama this practice is illegal. We’re not sure who thought this law was necessary, but then again this is the Deep South.
If you’re prone to animal abuse, Alaska is not the state for you. Turns out it’s illegal to tie your dog to the roof rack of your car. Best to save your dogs for sledding.
If you’re speeding by and happen to see a parking spot fly by, don’t even think about backing up to snag the spot. Driving in reverse is against the law here, so make sure you get it right the first time.
Jonesing for a refreshing beverage and some nosh? You can go through a drive-thru or stop at a convenience store, but if you honk your horn at some less than stellar driver you may get a ticket. It’s illegal to honk a car horn anywhere cold beverages and sandwiches are being served after 9 pm. So honk all you want during the day, just keep your road rage to yourself at night or you might disturb the peace.
If you find yourself being kidnapped, don’t jump from moving car if it’s moving at 65 miles an hour. Even if you find yourself stuck with a man-eating lizard or some such other creature, still do not jump out. You will most likely get a ticket. Also illegal? Shooting animals from a moving vehicle. Try to at least stop first.
Hungry while driving? Put the snacks away! In Bloomfield, CT, it’s against the law to eat in your car. Like California, shooting animals is also illegal in Connecticut. Who knew hunting while driving was such a popular sport? Go figure.
Hey spitters! While you’re in Marietta, keep your phlegm to yourself. You may get a ticket if you spit out of your car or a bus. But truckers, feel free to spit away. Spitting from a truck is A-OK.
Lusty teenagers, (and adults), unite! If you’re engaged in a little hanky-panky, police officers are totally within in their rights to investigate. However, they have to honk first or flash their lights and wait approximately three minutes before checking out the situation. If they don’t you might just beat the charges.
Quick change operators beware; it’s illegal to change your clothes in a car with the curtains drawn. So if you decide to change your clothes in a car make sure you are fully visible to everyone and their mother. In Park Ridge, remember to park your truck in a garage because you’re not allowed to park it outside.
Craving KFC? Be careful when driving through Topeka. It’s illegal to transport dead poultry, so if you plan on bringing home chicken, do it on the DL.
Anyone with a mouth like a sailor will have to keep their mouths shut when driving through Rockville, MD. Swearing while in a vehicle is considered a misdemeanor. So wash your mouth out with soap and hope that any police officers passing by can’t read lips.
Make sure you don’t get stuck in any muddy rainstorms or happen to roll over any gum while driving your truck in Minnetonka. They will gladly give you a ticket if your car leaves any dirt on the road.
New York
Should you find yourself rubbing elbows with the rich and famous in the Hamptons, please remember not to take your clothes off in the car. It’s illegal in the tony town of Sag Harbor. Make sure your outfit looks cute before you leave the house.
North Carolina
It sounds tempting, but if you feel the urge to drive on the sidewalk while in Dunn keep in mind that it’s illegal.
Forgetful types might do best to stay out of Youngstown. Running out of gas in this town can get you a ticket, so forget about calling the cops or roadside assistance.
Maybe you can’t drive on the sidewalks in Dunn, North Carolina, but you most certainly can in Oregon. Just remember to yield to pedestrians. If you don’t, you may snag yourself a ticket. You’re also not allowed to leave your car door open longer than necessary, whatever that means. Parents with small children, good luck.
Rhode Island
Good old signals aren’t good enough in Rhode Island. The law states that you must give the other cars an “audible signal” if you are passing them. Perhaps a bullhorn or honking loudly would work? Seems a little barbaric.
South Carolina
Dirty birds throw that trash out before you get to Hilton Head. Sure you may have just driven into town from a 12-hour road trip or finished chowing on a burger, but don’t leave that trash in your car. Leaving debris in your car is illegal. Get thee to a garbage can and maybe a car wash while you’re at it.
So there you have it, the craziest traffic laws in the land of the free and home of the brave. Let it inform your next road trip. If nothing else you can impress your friends with your stellar knowledge of traffic laws across the country

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