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When Should I Ask For a Discount on Car Insurance?

In today’s economy it is important to save money whenever you can. One of the best and easiest ways is to save money on car insurance. Getting discounts are pretty easy if you know what to ask for.

So, when should a person ask for a discount? One of the best times is obviously after a period of time without any accidents or tickets. Begin talking to your agent after 6 months of no incidents. This alone could save 5%-10%.

Another good time is when your teen driver is making grades with an average of “B” or over. Many insurance companies have a “good student” discount. Along with that, making sure that the teen is listed as primary driver on the cheapest vehicle you have is a good way to save money on car insurance. Some companies also have discounts if your teen has taken drivers education classes. Some give discounts for college students. Tell your insurer right away.

Always ask for discounts for insuring more than one vehicle with a single company. This is a good business practice for the insurer. It is their best interest to have all of your policies with them so giving a discount is usually automatic. But ask just to be sure.

If you have health, dental, and home insurance with different companies ask for a discount for bringing them all under one roof. Again, not having to share premiums with other companies can make it worth the discount to them. This would also be a great time to see if your other insurers’ rates would be cheaper for auto insurance.

An important time to ask for a discount is after improving your credit score. Many insurance companies use credit scores in calculating premiums. The show of reliability and responsibility translates into maturity for the company. More mature drivers will have less accidents and cost the company less. Hence, a discount opportunity.

It is a good idea to ask for discounts on a regular basis. Just ask if you qualify for any discounts. That may bring your agent to thinking about discounts that are are not automatic. For you it could be a discount because you drive less miles than the average in your area. A purchase of anti-theft device is another discount that is not automatic. You may get a discount for for safety devices like side airbags. Tracking devices may also fall in this area. Accidents can cost thousands of dollars in doctor’s bills. Anything that will keep you safe saves them money. Reducing theft saves them money. If you are saving the insurance company money, then it makes sense for them to offer you discounts. So, go after those discounts. My agent Tim has got to be sick of me telling him that I always wear my seat belt every time I see him. If you are like me, just taking a vacation means saving money where ever I can. Saving money on car insurance is a simple step towards that.