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What Insurance Protects My Car Against a Hurricane?

rainy car mirrorHurricane season runs from June through November so it’s smart to prepare during the first part of the year for tropical storms and the damage they might inflict on your cars and homes.
Homeowners insurance is what people are most concerned about ahead of hurricane season, but thought should be places on car insurance, too.
You’ll need both types of coverage.
However, your car insurance policy might not cover any damages caused by a flood or hurricane.

Liability insurance alone won’t cover storm damage to your car

Drivers with comprehensive and collision auto insurance coverage should read their insurance policy documents closely so that they can find out what is covered.
For example, if you have just liability coverage on your vehicle then any damage caused by wind, rain, or falling tree climbs will not be covered. This is because liability coverage alone only protects you from your liabilities if you are involved in an automobile accident.
Even if a person without liability insurance was in an automobile accident during a hurricane his or her vehicle would not be able to be repaired or replaced at the auto insurance company’s expense.  It would be up to the car’s owner to cover the expense.
When water gets into a vehicle and submerges it, it is often unable to be driven. This is because cars have electrical systems and computers that when exposed to a lot of water ends up dying or malfunctioning.
If you have an auto insurance policy that does cover flood damage then you should also look into what your deductible is so you’ll be prepared. That means having this amount of money in your checking or savings account set aside for an emergency.
You stock with water and canned goods for the storm so you will need to stock up with money to deal with any aftermath that takes place.

What to do if your car is damaged in a hurricane

You should contact your auto insurance company directly if you are unsure on whether or not it covers damage caused by flooding, winds, or falling trees. You should ask for written confirmation and keep it with your auto insurance policy documents so that you have it for future reference.
If you have had damage to your vehicle from a flood, hurricane, or tropical storm then you should:

  • Document what happened with time-stamped photographs.
  • Leave the vehicle where it is if possible.
  • Contact your car insurance company immediately and they will send an insurance claims adjuster.


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