Driving for many people is an important part of their lives. Since turning sixteen, most people have been able to drive a car providing freedom to come and go as they please. When we are old enough to get a permit then eventually a drivers license, young adults are tested to ensure that they can do the minimal amount of driving that can e done. However, once people reach senior citizen status, they do not. In fact, once you receive your license, you will have it for a lifetime.
However, while teens face a number of issues while driving including drinking, teen safety, texting while driving and distracted driving, these are the only issues that need to be concerned with. The same is not the case with senior citizens. Seniors face many more factors to be safe drivers. These factors include failing health, slower reflexes, deteriorating eyesite, reaction time and the ability to respond in bad weather. However, when of the most difficult decisions any senior citizen has to face is having to stop driving.
When it comes to senior citizen safety while driving, there are many factors to keep in mind to be a safe driver. Here are a few of the topics which should help all seniors remain safe:
Senior Health Issues

Aging and Driving Concerns

Senior Safe Driving Tips

Unsafe Driving Problems

Weather and Driving Conditions

Time for Senior Citizens to Stop Driving

Senior Driving Resources

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