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Cheapest Car Insurance in North Dakota

North Dakota, America’s 39th state, boasts the meandering Red River, the mysterious Badlands and the expansive Devil’s Lake. With the rolling hills of the Great Plains in the western part of the state and the fertile soil of the Red River Valley in the east, this state plays a major role in the country’s agricultural and energy economies. Rodeos, fairs, pow-wows and buffalo, this state is a blend of Native American and American Western heritage. Drivers have been enjoying the natural beauty of North Dakota for decades, and is keeping those drivers on the road. That’s why this article has been provided with all the necessary information every North Dakota driver needs to know without having to scour the countryside for it.


Driving and insurance laws are famous for their complicated and ever-changing requirements. This list has reduced the unnecessary information, and what’s left is only the essential elements to keep North Dakota drivers protected and informed.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in North Dakota

  • The North Dakota Department of Insurance states that both Liability and Uninsured Motorist Coverage’s are required for every vehicle driven in the state. North Dakota has produced A Consumer’s Guide to Auto Insurance to assist consumers in purchasing auto insurance.
  • Liability Coverage and Uninsured minimums:
    • $30,000 for each person injured or killed in an accident.
    • $60,000 for each accident when multiple individuals are injured or killed.
    • $25,000 to cover damage to property.

Requirements for New Driver Licensing:

  • The North Dakota Driver’s Manual makes it clear that new residents to the state have 60 days to obtain a North Dakota driver license. All drivers who operate a vehicle in North Dakota must be licensed. To help new drivers who are less than 18 years of age obtain driving experience, North Dakota offers an Instruction Permit and a Minor’s Driver License.
  • Instruction Permit. Beginning at age 14, the Instruction Permit allows an applicant to drive while supervised. The applicant must pass both the visual and written tests along with completion of a driver education course. The following applies while this permit is held:
    • The permit must be held for:
      • Ages 14 and 15: 12 months
      • Ages 16 and 17: 6 months or until age 18, whichever comes first
    • An adult age 18 or older who holds a license must be with the driver at all times while driving.
    • Applicants under the age of 16 must complete 50 hours of driving training. (“Behind-the-wheel” driver education hours to do not count toward this total)
  • Minor’s Driver License. This license, also known as a Restricted Class D Operator License, is available to applicants age 15 or older who have satisfied the Instruction Permit requirements and have passed the road skills test. While holding this permit, the following applies:
    • May only operate a close relative’s vehicle. The North Dakota Driver’s Manual lists the applicable relatives as parent, guardian, sibling, grandparent, aunt or uncle.
    • May not drive unsupervised between 9pm and 5am unless regarding a school, work or religious activity
    • Must be supervised by an adult age 18 years or older who holds a license.
    • All cell phone use is prohibited.
    • Upon turning age 16, the applicant’s restrictions are removed and the license becomes a full driver license.
  • Vision Exam. Applicants possessing a visual acuity of 20/40 or better and peripheral vision of 105 degrees will be issued an unrestricted license. Applicants with a visual acuity between 20/50 and 20/60 may be issued a daylight driving restriction. Corrective lenses may be worn, and appropriate restrictions will be applied.
  • Written Test. This exam is based on the North Dakota Driver’s Manual. The North Dakota Motor Vehicle Division provides an online practice exam that can help drivers study for their written test.
  • Driving Test. The road skills test evaluates the applicant’s ability to safely and legally drive a vehicle. The applicant must provide a licensed, insured and registered vehicle that is in proper working order. Each skill tested in this exam is included in the Driver’s Manual.
  • Fees. The following fees apply:
    • Instruction Permit, $15
    • Written test, $5
    • Road test, $5
    • Driver License, $15


  • BAC limit: .08 North Dakota Law has implemented several penalties for drunk driving in the state. The MVD website provides a concise outline of North Dakota’s DUI penalties, and those penalties are summarized here:
  • First Offense – Class B Misdemeanor:
    • Fine:
      • BAC below .16: $500
      • BAC .16 or greater: $750
    • License suspension
      • BAC below .18: 91 days
      • BAC .18 or greater: 180 days
    • Jail: maximum 2 days
    • Addiction Evaluation
  • Second Offense in 7 Years – Class B Misdemeanor:
    • Fine: $1,500
    • License suspension:
      • BAC below .18: 1 year
      • BAC .18 or greater: 2 years
    • Jail: 10 days
    • Addiction Evaluation
  • Third Offense in 7 Years – Class A Misdemeanor:
    • Fine: $2,000
    • License suspension:
      • BAC below .18: 2 years
      • BAC .18 or greater: 3 years
    • Jail: 120 days
    • Supervised probation: 1 year
    • 24/7 Program: 1 year
    • Addiction Evaluation
  • Fourth and subsequent DUI convictions are charged as felonies and the penalties are greatly increased.
  • Refusals receive an automatic minimum 180-day and maximum 3-year revocation of driving privileges.
  • North Dakota’s Zero Tolerance Law allows drivers under the age of 21 to be charged with DUI at a BAC level as low as .02.

Texting & Driving Laws states that all drivers are banned from texting in North Dakota. Additionally, handheld and hands-free devices are banned from novice drivers.

Unique Laws

North Dakota appears to have kept some laws on its books that may need some updating in the near future. For instance, although it is required to keep all bathtubs in one’s backyard, it is still illegal for horses to sleep in those bathtubs. Residents are prohibited from keeping an elk in their backyard sandboxes, and if a driver gets a little sleepy while traveling through the state, remember that it is illegal to fall asleep with one’s shoes one!


Best Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for North Dakota

Cass County Car Insurance

With an estimated population of 172,000, Cass County is the most populous in North Dakota. The Red River that separates North Dakota from Minnesota forms the county's eastern boundary. Located on the river near the intersection of Interstate 94 and Interstate 29 is the City of Fargo, the county seat and largest city in the state.

Home to an estimated 15 percent of the total North Dakota population, Fargo is the cultural, educational and industrial center for the eastern part of the state as well as northwest Minnesota. Though the Academy Award-winning 1996 movie bears the city's name, none of the footage in "Fargo" was shot in the city. In the City of Casselton, Max Taubert built a 50-foot tall pyramid of empty oil cans, believed to be the tallest oil can structure in the world. West Fargo, home to more than 33,000, is the site of the annual Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention, held by the largest pyrotechnic community in the world.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Burleigh County Car Insurance

Located in central North Dakota, Burleigh County is home to the state capital of Bismarck, which is also the county seat. The Missouri River forms its western boundary, and Interstate 94 travels through the southern third of the county.

The 19-story Art Deco capitol building is the tallest in the state. The area is a hub for retail and healthcare as well visitors who come for its trails, golf courses, Dakota Zoo and Super Slide theme park. Fishing is also popular year-round on the Missouri River. Bismarck in 2007 broke the world record for the most snow angels created in one place, with 8,962 participants at the event on the capitol grounds.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Grand Forks County Car Insurance

Situated along North Dakota's eastern border, Grand Forks County stretches from the Red River west to just beyond Interstate 29 which travels north to south. The City of Grand Forks is the county seat, located on the banks of the Red River and home to the University of North Dakota, the oldest higher education institution in the state. Grand Forks and its twin city of East Grand Forks in Minnesota are sometimes called Greater Grand Forks or The Grand Cities.

An interesting stop in Grand Forks is the Flood Memorial Monument, a stone marker that provides historical perspective on the shore of the Red River. Other attractions include the Splashers of the South Seas water park, North Dakota Museum of Art and River Cities Speedway. The Myra Museum encompasses an 1890s home dedicated to pioneer women, one-room schoolhouse, carriage house and the city's original log post office. The Grand Forks Air Force Base is home to Grand Sky Drone Park, the first commercial park dedicated to flying drones.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid
Grand Forks$715.00$535.00$762.00$568.00$701.00

Ward County Car Insurance

When the line for neighboring Burke and Revile counties was drawn, neither wanted to include the town of Kenmare, afraid that it would become their county seat, so the town was carved out and placed in Ward County at the end of a strip of land that is now called the "gooseneck."

The third most populous county in North Dakota, Ward County is now an oddly shaped one in the northwest part of the state. Its population was 61,675 at the 2010 Census and the county seat is Minot. The county is home to an Air Force Base about 15 miles north of Minot, a town conceived in the 1800s during the impending arrival of the Great Northern Railroad. Its fast growth afterward earned it the nickname "Magic City."

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Williams County Car Insurance

Located in northwest North Dakota, Williams County was home to nearly 23,000 at the 2010 Census. The Missouri River forms its southern border. The county seat is Williston, home of Williston State College and the Miss North Dakota Scholarship Pageant.

Lake Sakakawea is a reservoir near Williston popular for recreation, and Cut Bluff Overlook is a historic site commemorating Lewis and Clark's campsite near Cut Bluff on the south banks of the Missouri River. Another unique point of interest is the Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site, a reconstructed fur-trade era fort operated by the National Park Service.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Morton County Car Insurance

Stretching along Interstate 94 west of the state capital of Bismarck, Morton County was home to 27,471 at the 2010 Census. Mandan, its county seat and largest city, boasts the motto, "Where the west begins," and is located just across the Missouri River from Bismarck.

One of the county's most unique points of interest is the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, which features an "On-A-Slant" Indian Village and reconstructed military buildings including the Custer House. Guided tours are offered during the summers. More modern themed attractions include Raging Rivers Waterpark and the Universal Playground, a free public playground

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Stark County Car Insurance

Located in the southwestern portion of North Dakota, Stark County is home to an estimated 28,000. Located along Interstate 90, its county seat is Dickinson, a fast-growing city that is home to Dickinson State University.

The Dickinson Dinosaur Museum houses a complete Triceratops skeleton along with rocks, minerals and fossils. Other points of interest are the Dickinson Museum Center and Ukrainian Cultural Institute. The unincorporated community of Lefor, just southeast of Dickinson, boasts the highest population of Hungarian origin of any ZIP code in the U.S.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Stutsman County Car Insurance

Located in south central North Dakota, Stutsman County was named for Enos Stutsman, who was born without arms or legs but nevertheless homesteaded in the Dakota Territory and became a powerful politician. The county's population at the 2010 Census was 21,100.

Jamestown, the county seat, was the first city in America to require wheelchair cutouts in newly constructed sidewalk curbs. The city is home to the Anne Carlsen Center, formerly known as the Crippled Children's School, a residential campus that has long been one fo the leading centers for severely handicapped children. The world's largest buffalo monument, 26 feet tall and 60 tons, is located at Frontier Village in Jamestown.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Richland County Car Insurance

Making up the southeast corner of North Dakota, Richland County lies along the Red River, which forms the North Dakota-Minnesota border. To the south is Roberts County, South Dakota. The county seat and largest city, Wahpeton, home to an estimated 7,900 residents.

Richland County is home to the North Dakota State College of Science, a two-year public college founded in 1903. Partially located in the county is the Bois de Sioux Golf Course, the only golf course in the U.S. With half the course in one state, and the other have in another.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

Rolette County Car Insurance

Located at the Canadian-North Dakota border, Rolette County was home to nearly 14,000 at the 2010 Census. The county contains one of six exclaves located on the Canada-U.S. Border as well as an unnamed peninsula. Part of the International Peace Garden occupies its northwest corner.

Rolla, the county seat, had fewer than 1,300 residents at the 2010 Census. Belcourt is the county's largest community, with 2,078 residents in 2010. The nearby city of Dunseith is home to the world's largest turtle sculpture, made from more than 2,000 wheels painted green.

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid

County Sedan Suv Coupe Truck Hybrid
Golden Valley$849.00$669.00$895.00$696.00$838.00
Grand Forks$715.00$535.00$762.00$568.00$701.00
Williams$855.00$697.00$783.00$746.00$910.00 Methodology

Car insurance quotes are for one car and one driver who has state minimum coverage with $500 comprehensive and collision deductibles. The hypothetical driver is 40 years old, female, married, employed, a college graduate, and has good credit. She has no moving violations, accidents, claims, or lapse in coverage. The vehicles are assumed to be garaged on premises, used primarily for commuting, and driven 16,000 miles per year. Car insurance quotes include commonly available discounts and are estimates and not guaranteed.

Average Car Insurance Premiums.

North Dakota hit an all-time low in average car insurance premiums in 2008. reports that both average premiums and average premiums as a percentage remain well under the national averages.

Drunk Driving Fatalities

Both the nation’s and North Dakota’s drunk driving fatality averages saw growth through 2011 and 2012. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that although the state remains above the national average there was a slight dip in 2014.

Teen Drinking and Driving

North Dakota’s teens drink and drive at a much higher rate than the national average.

Vehicular Theft in North Dakota

North Dakota’s vehicle theft rate has increased each year since 2011, while the national average dropped in 2014.

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State Department of Insurance

North Dakota Insurance Department
600 E. Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58505-0320
(701) 328-2440
(800) 247-0560
Get Directions

Department of Transportation

North Dakota Department of Transportation
Transportation Building
608 E. Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58505-0700
(701) 328-2500
1-855-637-6237 (1-855-NDROADS)
Get Directions

Department of Motor Vehicles

North Dakota Department of Transportation
Motor Vehicle Division
Transportation Building
608 E. Boulevard Ave.
Bismarck, ND 58505-0700
(701) 328-2500
For a list of office locations and hours, refer to the website or to the MVD’s Motor Vehicle Site Locations form.

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