Mass Transit Resources to Save the Environment and Your Car

Driving less, either by carpooling with others or by using mass transit, benefits the environment and can help to save you money. The fewer cars there are on the road, the less gasoline is needed, and the fewer air pollutants are emitted. Sharing driving responsibilities with a group of people or taking mass transit when it is available also reduces the wear on a vehicle, meaning it will last longer. Public transit and carpooling options also help people save money, as they need to spend less on gasoline, tolls, or car repairs. When riding the bus or train, a person can spend their commute reading or socializing instead of being concerned with the conditions of the road.

Advocacy Groups

  • Anchorage Citizens Coalition – An organization dedicated to making Anchorage, Alaska the most livable city in the US. Includes a description of transportation options in the city.
  • The Alliance for a Paving Moratorium – A paving moratorium prevented new roads from being made, so that Amtrak was better able to compete with car travel.
  • The Americans for Transportation Mobility Coalition – “Faster, Better, Safer” is a campaign to improve America’s transportation system, both the highway system and public transportation.
  • APTA Streetcar and Heritage Trolley Subcommittee – An organization dedicated to the revitalization of vintage streetcars and trolleys in urban areas.
  • Bus Rapid Transit Policy Center -The mission of the Bus Rapid Transit Policy Center is to show communities how buses can improve air quality in a region, reduce climate change, and help residents move about.
  • Center for Transportation Excellence – A non-partisan research center that provides research materials and information that demonstrate the benefits of mass transit.
  • Commuter Choice – Programs that help connect employers to area transportation services so that the employers are able to offer employees viable commuting options.
  • Diesel Technology Forum – A non-profit with the mission of educating people about the importance of diesel engines as well as environmental and emissions improvements made to diesel engines.
  • Easter Seals Project Action – A project created by Congress in 1988 with the goal of improving access to public transportation to people with disabilities. In 2010, the project published a report highlighting programs that support transportation that is accessible.
  • Midwest High Speed Rail Association – A Chicago-based organization whose mission is to connect Midwestern states with fast and reliable trains.
  • Light Rail Now! – A group that supports the development of light rail transit and other public transportation systems in the US and around the world.
  • Project for Public Spaces – Advocacy group dedicated to the creation and design of viable and sustainable public spaces, including the planning and design of public transportation.
  • Surface Transportation Policy Partnership – A non-profit coalition whose goal is to create smart, environmentally friendly, and safe transportation options in communities across the country.
  • Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor – Information on the development and progress of the Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor, a train connecting Washington, D.C, to Charlotte, NC.
  • United Rail Passenger Alliance – A non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of passenger rail systems across the US.
  • Women’s Transportation Seminar – A group whose aim is to promote the advancement of women in transportation careers around the world.
  • Travel Matters – A website that allows people to learn about how transportation options impact the climate. Features emissions calculators and maps that show emissions in certain regions.
  • States for Passenger Rail Coalition – A transportation officials alliance whose goal is to develop intercity rail travel as part of an overall national transportation network.
  • Operation Lifesaver, Inc. – A national non-profit dedicated to educating people about rail safety in an effort to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities connected with railroad property.


  • Advanced Transit Association – The goal of the ATRA is to develop advanced transit options for people and to see those options put into practice.
  • American Bus Association – An organization representing bus operators across the US. The mission of the association is to meet the travel needs of the public.
  • American Public Transit Association – Organization whose goal and mission is to improve public transit options across the country.
  • Association of American Railroads – A group committed to keeping rail travel safe. It also seeks to advance rail technology.
  • Community Transportation Association – Association that aims to provide transportation options that are accessible and allow people to move about freely.
  • Gas Technology Institute – A research organization that strives to create sustainable and secure energy solutions and that aim to solve energy challenges.
  • International Association of Public Transit – A world-wide network for public transportation operators, the public transportation service industry and policy makers.
  • Light Rail Transit Association – International organization based in the UK that advocates for light rail and public transportation.
  • Smart Card Alliance – An industry organization that promotes the use of Smart Cards to pay for fares and parking at train and bus stations.
  • North East Passenger Transportation Association – Association of private and public transit officials whose mission is to promote cooperation among member organizations, spread information on topics of interest to public transit, and promote a professional attitude.
  • South West Transit Association – Regional transit association for states such as Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. The mission of the organization is to improve members’ ability to provide transportation options.
  • Taxicab, Limousine, and Paratransit Association – Trade group representing the private passenger transportation industry. The mission of the group is to help members serve the transportation needs of the public better.
  • Nickel Institute – An organization representing companies that produce the bulk of nickel in the world. Nickel is used in transportation, particularly in the batteries of hybrid and electric buses and cars.
  • Natural Gas Vehicles for America – A group dedicated to creating a sustainable market for vehicles powered by natural gas or hydrogen, which is a more eco-friendly option than petroleum gas.
  • Transportation for America – Campaign to strengthen and improve transportation policy in the US.

Labor Unions

Other Links

  • Airport Railways of the World – Allows travelers to find trains that connect to airports in a number of countries.
  • The Monorail Society – An organization that aims to promote the monorail as a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly transportation option.
  • Amtrak Historical Society – Society dedicated to preserving the history the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, or Amtrak.
  • National Railroad Museum – Museum that educates people on the importance of rail travel to America’s growth and development.
  • The Subway Page – A website featuring links to subway maps from around the world.
  • America on the Move – Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History depicting the ways transportation shaped the country.
  • The Museum of Bus Transportation – Museum featuring buses from throughout the 20th century. The mission of the museum is to show how the bus as a means of transportation played an important role in American history.
  • US Streetcar Systems – Website showing streetcars in operation across the US and Canada.
  • Transportation and Public Transit – Online lesson designed to teach children the history of public transit and cars as well as the benefits of public transportation versus driving a car.

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