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LA Law Would Allow Drivers To Have Electronic Insurance Cards

Technology has impacted how drivers buy their automobile insurance coverage. Now, drivers can purchase their coverage with the click of a mouse after comparing auto insurance quotes. Many drivers have faced issues with the fact that they have misplaced their printed out proof of insurance card. Now, the state of Louisiana is putting forth a […]

HB 2466 Would Issue Tougher Penalties For Uninsured Drivers

Many states have found it to be hard to be able to get drivers to understand just how very important it is to have auto insurance coverage on their vehicles at all times. The state of Tennessee has finally taken action because of the situation with uninsured drivers posing a threat to other drivers who […]

Parents Need To Consider All Options When Insuring Teens

Many parents right now are struggling to pay their car insurance premiums. It can be much harder if you have young teen drivers to insure. With the economy being in a recession, many parents are caught in a catch 22 situation. They can either deny their young teen driver a driver’s license or be forced […]

FL Residents Fed Up With No Fault Insurance Law

The topic of no fault auto insurance in the state of Florida is one that is often met with some resistance. This is because the state has a real problem with car insurance fraud. The fraud typically is committed by criminals who stage automobile accidents to collect compensation. There have been huge crime rings involving […]

New Jersey Deciding Whether Or Not To Lessen PIP Reforms

Many states are thinking about dialing back some of their auto insurance reforms. One of these states is New Jersey. The governor of the state, Chris Christie has stated that he thinks that something needs to be done to reduce the reforms. The state has an issue with rising auto insurance premium rates. Many officials […]