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Why Your Kid Might Get Hit By a Car Walking To School

By Aaron Crowe Oct. 3 is Walk to School Day, when children who are walking or biking to school are supposed to be safe. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely as drivers sometimes don’t see school-bound children in time. While it’s difficult to determine how many kids are hit in crosswalks while walking to or from school, statistics […]

ID And WV Finally Enact Texting While Driving Bans

Many states are now enacting texting while driving bans. Now, the two states of Idaho and West Virginia have finally jumped on the bandwagon and have passed bills on this issue. It is important for all of the 50 states to jump on board because the problem is one that has not gone away. West […]

Cape Town Trying New Approach To Deal With Texting While Driving Offenders

The United States is a country that has a huge problem with drivers who text while driving. Now Cape Town, South Africa is trying to deal with the same exact problem. Now, there has been a new law proposed in Cape Town which would allow police officers to seize cell phones from people who are […]

Alabama Lays Down The Law With New Texting Ban

Many states are struggling with finding ways to deter drivers from texting while driving. Many drivers, especially those that are under the age of 25 use their cell phones to text while they operate a motor vehicle.   The state of Alabama has taken action to try to deal with this issue. The governor has […]

Amazingly Weird State Driving Laws That Still Exist

America for the most part is a pretty awesome place. We’ve got apple pie, football, and Britney Spears. Yes, America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and land of weird traffic laws? True dat. Believe it or not, the U.S. has some oddly archaic traffic laws, many of which made […]