Even the safest vehicle can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of an unskilled driver. Although basic driver education teaches drivers how to operate a vehicle and to understand traffic laws, it does not go beyond this. Unfortunately, this can too often leave drivers unprepared to make a split second decision or understand the consequences of reckless driving behaviors such as speeding at nighttime or driving in heavy rain. Defensive driving on the other hand is designed to help drivers remain focused and alert at all times while behind the wheel of a car. This training allows these drivers to calmly assess hazardous situations and make well-informed decisions to reduce the inherent risks involved in driving, in spite of the bad driving habits of others on the road.
The National Safety Council provides nationally recognized and state certified defensive driving training. Standards taught in defensive driving can lead to saving money and saving time. For instance, one of the focuses in a defensive driving course is understanding how to reduce the risk of car accidents. Traffic collisions kill thousands each year and cause numerous injuries. These accidents also carry a large financial burden by leading to time off from work and car repair costs. Other standards taught in defensive driving include looking out for environmental hazards such as sleet or snow, making speed adjustments, following at a safe distance, and eliminating blind spots.
By taking a defensive driving course, drivers will also be able to get a reduction in insurance rates in some states. Drivers will also learn to avoid road rage and respond quickly in emergencies. The following resources cover the ins and outs of defensive driving. Additional defensive driving tips covered in these links review properly maintaining vehicle features including brakes, tires, and airbags. Drivers who utilize these defensive driving resources can learn to help make the roads safer for everyone.

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